many bells down, now with .1% more pig
Aug 5

I LOVE SENSE8 SO MUCH I was devastated they canceled that. And Netflix fucking buried it even when it was running. I had to go search for it even when I'd "recently watched" it. 

Aug 4

They’re too stiff for me. My foot needs a more flexible shoe or I end up in real pain. Which is too bad because I love both clogs and looking like a pottery teacher with a messy bun.

Jul 11

I’ve got a second monitor on there now; in the last 6 months my job has gone from “receptionist” to “Zoom meeting runner/video editor/ tech support". I'm currently running a 200+ person event with over an hour's worth of video to play. We live in wild times. 

Jul 2

My purchases have been mostly lounge bras and a fuckton of housewares. Fancy cheese board. Fancy coffee grinder. Fancy extra-giant mugs for my poor husband’s coffee addiction.

Jun 26

My cervixes were connected, like a 8, so it was hard to tell which one you were looking at. At least, until I had a kid because there's a difference in your cervix when you've carried a pregnancy. 

Jun 26

The last time we had a post like this, it turned out a lot of us Jezzies have didelhpus uterus. I was one, until I had the whole shebang removed in January. I don't even have two vaginas anymore. 

May 22

We’re actually ... kind of enjoying it. Having my spouse around the house means he has more time for the little annoying cleaning tasks during the day so the housework is getting split more evenly. Both our kids were out of the house just before lockdown started so there’s enough room that we’re not on top of each Read more

May 16

If it helps, I had a friend just straight up ghost me with no explanation too. I thought we were super close, my kid called her “auntie Beth”, etc. It was my birthday, we had plans, and she just... never showed up. Never answered my calls again. We were both in the same performance troupe and she quit without a word. Read more