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Jun 26

Yes and no. You can do that with any alphabet. It’s called calligraphy. It’s just that in the Arabic speaking world the art is more extensively developed because painting and depictions of people were unwelcome due to religious interpretation. You'll never see paintings in a mosque for example, only calligraphy.

Jun 18

I have a thing for blue cars with brown or tan interiors. This is an especially nice shade of blue.

Jun 18

Exclusive paint would look so damn good.  Theres a lot of nice colors.  Also, thanks! 

Jun 15

I feel like that’s the most reasonably priced thing I’ve seen on BaT in a long time.

Jun 14

Audi Inline-5 turbo. Good enough to conquer WRC, Pikes Peak, IMSA, and Trans-Am in just one decade.

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