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5/22/20 7:39PM

It’s not clear from any of the sources if these were just folks returning to their nursing homes after being in the hospital, or new residents of the nursing homes coming from the hospitals. I’m guessing there was no other option, like family, to house these folks? Why not use the U.S.S. Publicity Stunt hospital ship?

10/21/19 6:14PM

Good timing, what with African swine fever decimating our beloved porkers worldwide. This should help us prevent a porkapocalypse by keeping our pork stocks healthy. Still, I’d start stockpiling pot-belly pigs if I were worried about pork futures.

10/21/19 4:09PM

This extra data point will help me decide if some foodstuff is inherently unhealthy or just made so by the manufacturer. If the latter, I can shop for a better alternative. If the former, well, then, I guess I cut it out. It helps. 

10/21/19 3:44PM

They adjusted the serving sizes, too. No surprise that what is considered an average serving size increased, and also some things that will be consumed in one or more sitting are also single serving now. The real point of this exercise is to make the math and the words easier to understand for the average Homer Read more

10/21/19 3:09PM

No. They removed the subset of calories from fat but left the type of fat breakdown in the Total Fat section so folks can still keep away from trans fat. I think this also reflects the fact that too much sugar, in whatever form it enters the body, is terrible for you.

10/21/19 2:36PM

The added sugars is a byline to the total sugars section, so it won’t be confusing. In your fruit juice example, for example, it will still give a total count of sugars, even if no sugar was added. Where’s the confusion? I will now know if my fruit juice is just water and sugar, or actually juice.