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5/27/20 6:38PM

Hey, don’t hassle her. Kellyanne is looking rough...not just Kellyanne rough (we’re used to that), but REALLY rough. Three years of Oval Office-mandated plastic surgery for blonde office staff has taken its toll...not to mention the thousands of spontaneous runs up to the residence with a Big Mac in one hand and

5/27/20 6:31PM

Millenials and gen-z don’t show up to the polls. We were spoilt for choice yet the primaries were decided by older folks. All those tweets and facebook posts amounted to nothing for Bernie Sanders. Young women barely cast a glance at Elizabeth Warren. Julian Castro never even registered. In the UK, the youth led Read more

5/27/20 1:23PM

This is one of those moments where the phrase “class war” becomes as literal as it can get. It’s also the moment where the governing class’ typical strategy to deflect from class warfare (namely, divide and conquer) becomes as transparently obvious as it can be. Read more

5/27/20 11:37AM

yeah, this is more like “#1 takeout item by ‘Yelpers’ in each state.”

5/27/20 11:25AM

This is just more proof that Yelp is totally useless as a real-world representation of anything.

5/27/20 10:15AM

I especially love that the rescue took the dog back from her. I guarantee you, this woman is the type of Karen who takes her dog into normally dog-free areas, and when people ask her to leave because it’s not a licenced service animal, she snaps back that “Don’t you know he’s a rescue? He’ll feel abandoned and have a Read more

5/23/20 8:45AM

The first time I went out into the world with a mask on, I had just drank a coffee.  Every time since I make sure I gargle with mouth wash and brush my teeth before putting the mask on.  Not making that mistake again.

5/22/20 6:41PM

Great piece! It’s so nice to read something not written by one of his eerily cultic  fanboys. Also, Vance’s Twitter handle betrays what I suspect is an unconscious honesty: @valleyhack.

5/22/20 5:31PM

Prepare for the edgelord storm. It is coming.

5/22/20 5:09PM

Suggesting that Covid-19 cases are faked sounds especially abhorrent coming from someone who tends to celebrate science. But Musk has always been a provocateur. Read more

5/22/20 4:38PM

I will never understand why people like this guy in any capacity or think he is a “genius, in anyway. He is the son of a blood mine fortune, who started out crazy wealthy. He was just an investor in paypal, and he doesn’t have a PhD in physics like his wikipedia wrongly declared for many years. We are all just lucky Read more

5/22/20 3:05PM

The rest of the world knew this inconvenient truth about Cuomo’s abysmal handling of the Corona weeks ago. The subways weren’t even cleaned until May 4. What took you so long Mr. McKay?