10/28/18 3:18AM

I’ve been watching Community and it’s good. I’ve also been watching The Romanoffs and it’s good. Also, I watched the first episode of Big Mouth and it was mostly good but the adult characters are unbearable. Read more

10/24/18 7:15PM

I can’t believe 6 fucking people starred this insanity. “We should treat everyone with respect even if they voted for Trump.” “You’re a vile Nazi for thinking that. (6 upvotes)“ When did The AV Club’s comments become so toxic? I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

10/23/18 7:34PM

Okay. Wow. As a wise man once said: I’m done. This broke me. *wanders around shirtless*

10/23/18 7:12PM

Are you from some alternate-universe AV Club where people only talk about the article at hand?

10/23/18 5:51PM

I guess you can’t get a good grade on The AV Club if you treat Trump voters like humans. It’s such a mystery: Why won’t they vote with us when we’re constantly telling them how inferior they are?

10/22/18 3:16PM

What is this “enthusiasm” of which you speak? I am confused but disinterested.

10/22/18 2:47PM

I mean, I was thinking they’d let him know they were responsible for it. Like “We might not kill you for real, but don’t forget who you’re dealing with.”

10/22/18 12:32AM

Based on the dialogue at the end (“They were throwing those shots at you, Vince! Who’d you piss off?”) I think the mobsters bought Vince that car specifically for it to be shot to pieces by one of their guys so they could scare him “straight”. Read more

10/21/18 2:56AM

I finished the latest season of The Man In The High Castle. The Onion’s political cartoonist would have a heart attack if he saw what the Nazis did to Lady Liberty. Read more

10/19/18 7:43PM

They mentioned that on the podcast. They really wanted to get that reference in even though they knew hardly anyone would get it. They’d even previously shot a similar scene that was cut for time.

10/19/18 1:09AM

Why are they all wearing red shirts? Are they about to be killed on Star Trek?

10/18/18 1:16PM

“Mist” is German for “crap”. I guess Tagomi’s stick cut through the German crap.

10/18/18 12:25PM

Donald Glover’s Chest is my favorite Disney character.

10/17/18 2:23PM

He kind of looks like Big Bird. How is that even possible?

10/17/18 12:07AM

I thought this was great. Much improved from last year. I’d thought Roseanne was the whole point of the show, but maybe she was holding it back.
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