10/26/18 7:37AM

Right. If we want to beat Trump, we need MORE voters. This means we need to get non-voters off the sidelines and/or win over Trump voters. According to Wokesville, the best way to do that is by publicly humiliating Trump voters and telling them how awful they are every hour of every day. Even though doing this just Read more

10/23/18 9:50PM

I also kind of think that part of the reason people voted for Trump was, they were fucked over very badly by systems of oppression that Good Coastal Liberals tacitly supported. Clinton supported outsourcing; congressional Democrats mostly voted for the forever war on terror; Obama failed to do much about the opioid Read more

10/23/18 9:34PM

I’m really just wondering what your plan B is once you’ve finished choking on your rage and realize calling everyone a Nazi wasn’t productive.  

10/23/18 8:37PM

Yes. Supporting the idea of treating people with respect is totally a Nazi thing to do.

10/23/18 6:05PM

Totally agree.  It’s this weird obsession with those who I will broadly call Internet People.  They think that everyone is as obsessed with 2018 Trump’s America as they are and therefore it’s a sinful omission to not comment on politics in every movie.  But I actually live in one of those towns, and you know what?  Read more

10/23/18 5:03PM

So now we're not onoy shitting on pop culture if it makes a political statement we don't agree with, but also if it makes no political statement at all? Cool. Way to be.

10/22/18 6:35PM

I also liked S-Town (paid for, in part, by Legal Zoom. Legal Zoom has helped customers like you for over 17 years with their legal needs. Established In 2001. Peace Of Mind Review. Document Review. Over 3 Million Customers. Electronic Filing. Get Professional Advice. We File Your Paperwork. 15 Years Of Experience. Read more

10/22/18 6:26PM

I thought the first rule of Men’s Razor Club was that you don’t talk about Men’s Razor Club.

10/22/18 5:15PM

I love I Love Films and I love I Love I Love Films, but I don’t care for I Love I Love I Love Films

10/22/18 4:26PM

Will they interrupt the awards show every 15 minutes to tell us about how great Blue Apron or Casper is?

10/22/18 11:20AM

I’m 25 and I can confirm that I was incredibly stupid last year.

10/22/18 10:14AM

I agree this was scattered. I didn’t like the editing either, plenty of parallel cuts to scenes that had nothing to do with the scene still ongoing, or not even happening at the same time. In a few cases, killing the momentum, even. Read more

10/22/18 9:45AM

Knowing nothing about the historical significance of that sign, I wondered why Paul and Todd hated Danny’s freshly murdered girlfriend. Here I’m thinking they could have chosen a different name for that character.

10/22/18 1:19AM

After the episode the creators confirmed that it was the rival mobsters.