8/07/20 8:27PM

The man and I have been frisky out and about more than once balconies, gondola, car but only one was a disaster. We go camping one fall weekend and the place is deserted, as in there are only two tents in a section meant for 50. So after a few drinks and around midnight we decide to get frisky on the picnic table. Slip Read more

8/07/20 6:22PM

Gettin’ frisky with my high school boyfriend off a rural dirt road in middle-of-nowhere, and a cop shined a flashlight into the car and caught quite a show — he hadn’t turned on his lights or knocked or anything. He told us to “get dressed and get the fuck out of here.” A few weeks later that same cop caught us on a Read more

8/03/20 4:41PM

Mix your shit up and make it new again! This is my favorite thing to do when I’m feeling restless from looking at the same four walls. I’m disabled and have been essentially home bound for several years, long before the pandemic began... so I feel like a pro at this social distancing thing by now. And this is one of Read more

7/13/20 4:53PM

The area beneath my crisper drawer is reserved for bits of fennel fronds and tiny little kale leaves.

7/11/20 4:00AM

I live on the top floor of a 4-storey apartment building. There is no private entrance in my home. If I want to exit the building, I have to negotiate a series of common spaces (hallways, stairways, elevator, lobby) that are (1) very limited in volume, and (2) never ventilated as far as I can see. Read more

7/07/20 1:49PM

Extreme Laundry Folding can be the new CrossFit.

6/03/20 2:27PM

Along the same lines “A Webex of Karens” since it talks about being available to everyone but requires an expensive license to really use.

6/03/20 2:25PM

Probably a Murder of Karen since they are accomplices in it.

5/30/20 7:44PM

And get the fuck out of the country. I’ve read the Gift of Fear enough times to know that restraining orders or bail restrictions will not stop these men. Murder/suicides are pretty common under these circumstances. Read more

5/24/20 3:02PM

Apparently, Harry hates the term “Megxit” because it implies Meghan was the one who wanted to leave the U.K., though it is a convenient pun. Perhaps “Susxit” Read more

4/26/20 5:28PM

Sigh.  The reason you haven’t met any preppers is that one of the sensible rules of prepping is:  Do not advertise to your potential looters/enemies/desperados that you are likely to be sitting on a large cache of vital supplies...

4/25/20 9:53PM

Well it’s Sunday morning for me. I have been in hospital since Monday for mental health reasons and in isolation since Tuesday because I have cold symptoms. I said all this yesterday or the day before, I don’t know, but still the days are turning into a blur of nothing for days on end. It could be the valium, it could Read more

4/17/20 8:18PM

When I was living in an as-yet-ungentrified corner of Brooklyn, I made friends with the middle aged crack dealer who lived on the third floor with his elderly mother and his sister and her small white dog. He would ostentatiously clear out all of his crack buddies off the stoop when I got home from work: “Hey get the Read more

4/09/20 4:49PM

We desperately want Olaf to take a bunch of classic disney movies and do the summary of them.

4/08/20 9:37PM

Empty a tomato paste can into a baggie and freeze the baggie squeezed flat. Then just break off a piece of tomato paste when you need it. Squeeze bottles are all about the swoosh motion like a Nike symbol. As you ‘unsqueeze’ the bottle, it should be pointing upward so the air pulls the last oil drop into the Read more