7/11/20 7:48AM

I have a private home, but this is something I have thought a lot about during these last few months. I have never before been quite so grateful for not having to share an entrance/stairs/elevator with other people. Read more

7/07/20 8:23AM

Because of the nature of our work, the entire pandemic will be an entirely NO-SPEND time. anything we want to do must cost us zero dollars. Any extra money we have must be saved for food/mortgage/etc.  Read more

7/07/20 8:11AM

Ice cream on the ground is lost. Ice cream should never voluntarily be lost! It is a crime against ice cream!! Read more

7/04/20 4:16PM

Personally, I only buy enough sun screen for one summer at a time. Once it’s open, it doesn’t seem to work the next year at all. I’d love to see some studies on this, and to get solid numbers for expiration!

5/08/20 7:45AM

I made a “sourdough starter” using commercial yeast, and all I have to do is feed it daily. At this point, I’m not even using it to make sourdough bread, I’m really just keeping it going so that I can make a daily pancake with half of the starter. Everyone in the household loves it, and it has become a daily treat for Read more

5/08/20 7:33AM

My mother (in a relatively high-risk category) is Sheltering In Place with us, so while we’ve seen our grocery bill go through the roof, she’s paying for it (Win!!). Read more

4/23/20 6:42AM

You’re right that we have no solid definition for “mild”. But two cases have involved “otherwise healthy” men in their 40's who had Covid, recovered at home with no problems other than “a bit of a cough” and then they started to have issues with their blood pressure. They started to get the symptoms of heart failure, Read more

4/22/20 7:29PM

And even if we *could* get to herd immunity, that’s a herd with a possibly very high rate of long-term heart/kidney/lung damage. We don’t yet know how long-term the damage is, and we won’t likely know for quite some time, but there are many cases of people with “mild” covid-19 who end up with “not-mild” organ damage. 

4/22/20 7:25PM

Anyone have any luck ordering worms online? I cannot go to any fishing supply store at the moment, and I tried ordering worms a year ago or so, but it didn’t end well. I have a worm composter, and I want to get worms!!

4/04/20 9:02AM

For about a year in older elementary school (probably around age 9), I was OBSESSED with reading the Soap Opera summaries each weekend. For you younger people, it used to be that TV was on at a certain time each day, and if you missed an episode, you missed it FOREVER. So our newspaper printed little summaries for Read more

3/02/20 6:37PM

If people are entirely asymptomatic, then they are not coughing to spread it via droplet. There is likely a contact method of transmission in addition to droplet.

2/27/20 7:47AM

It’s more deadly than the flu, but it also has a higher rates of making people really, really sick (even if it doesn’t kill them). Some of what is really worrying people in the US is that we simply do not have the number of ICU beds we might need. There are not enough ventilators. We need this to spread really slowly Read more

1/05/20 8:20AM

I have noticed becoming increasingly unhappy/moody over the past year. Finally figured out it’s likely Perimenopause, and the only treatment is to get through it to the other side without destroying the aspects of my life that are actually quite lovely.
To that end, I am changing up what I eat, exercising every day, Read more

12/23/19 8:15AM

When I was 13, my mother announced to my uncle (who was married to my aunt, and with whom I was not at ALL close), that I had likely reached my “final adult” height since I’d already started getting my period. Read more

12/15/19 8:05AM

It took us a long time to get to where we are now - we have almost no contact, and life is so much better. I agree - I hope I never do to anyone what she did to me over the years. 

12/14/19 7:44AM

To set the stage: In my family, second-hand gifts are perfectly fine. I did not know that this is not the norm. My family is big into antiques, vintage, family heirlooms, etc. We tend to shop at second hand shops, even for big holidays (because the quality available for the price is so great! Also, better for the Read more

12/07/19 8:48AM

When we went from employer-sponsored insurance to buying on the Marketplace, I talked with my dentist. He straight-up said that buying our own dental insurance would NOT be worth it. If we need major work, we can do a payment-plan through him, and insurance doesn’t typically cover much, anyways. So we pay as we go for Read more