8/30/18 12:33PM

Butter, feh. Any self respecting grilled cheese connoisseur knows mayo is the fat of choice when grilling your cheesed bread. Relish does sound delicious, though. Imma give it a try. 

6/21/18 11:50AM

Came for the lack-of-chin reference.  Leaving satisfied.  

6/19/18 4:27PM

yes - let’s keep rewarding shitty people. that has been working out so well for our society. how about Shonda, Margot and Jennifer say no thanks and let this little thief rot in jail in anonymity where she belongs? Be best.

1/30/18 9:48AM

My wife doesn’t react to them. And she gets the flu less than me when we’re both on the shot. Sometimes I think the shot just doesn’t like me. LOL. Stay healthy! :)

12/13/17 2:30PM

I’m pretty sure the white woman GOP voters in my family (Alabamans) vote 100% only based on abortion. They will never vote for someone who admits to being pro-choice. For real. That and they are stealth racists who don’t care about equality. It’s like beating your head against a wall to convince them anything other Read more

11/22/17 11:46AM

Because I’ve been busy enjoying eating meats and other delicious meat flavors :-)

11/10/17 1:48PM

I wish this worked for phone scammers. I just got a call saying that my Windows product key expired and I need to call 877-585-7365 to have it resolved immediately. I called the number to have some fun with it and it’s some dudes in India scamming people.

10/27/17 11:28PM

It’ll be interesting to see if she’s actually capable of happiness. I feel like she blamed David for her problems when it’s more about what’s going on with her internally.

10/23/17 11:12AM

If you precook the apples in an apple pie, you can add cream to all that delicious juice, reduce it to caramel and then pour it over the apples before you bake the pie. Yummy.

9/08/17 2:42PM

Huh. I’ve made a version of this and called it cough medicine. More effective than OTC cough meds!

9/08/17 12:37PM

i was all set to suck some marrow out of dudes’ femurs with baba yaga, but then you went and sold me on the actual hypothetical aesthetic of mothwoman. Read more

9/07/17 5:38PM

Seriously, Jane is great at some stuff but that was terrible advice. She’s somebody I would absolutely be friends with IRL but I’d always be “Oh girl, NO” whenever she tried to give advice. I don’t think I’ve read a single column of Ask Jane yet that hasn’t made me angry. :(

8/30/17 10:45AM

I don’t know why people would trust him after he tried to ruin Christmas.

8/30/17 10:41AM

There’s a woman I went to school with who posted a status update about a year ago that she had finally fulfilled her lifelong dream, one that she had nurtured throughout her childhood in an incredibly poor African country. That dream? To go to a service at Lakewood fucking Church. The top of my head blew clear off