maddy jam
Mar 27

Pre-exisiting condition so they can turn you away.

Mar 20

Just when i think I’ve gotten to the end of the keeps going...the scrolling lag alone is reason this article was wayyyy too long!

Mar 19

They can’t even get the BO smell out of the stores what the heck do they think they can do with coronavirus?  

Mar 1 2020

Not to mention Google is well known for launching services and then shelving them a few years later, hanging the people who were fans/users of said services out to dry.

Feb 27 2020

Not a big fan of the new show (neither are my kids) but I’ll probably check this out. I had a really great time with Bandersnatch over a few days and something along those lines paired with Carmen Sandiego could be fun.

Feb 25 2020

I’d love for Starbucks to buy out Gamestop. They could reopen the stores as Starbucks cafes that also have game stations and sales. 

Feb 13 2020

I thought it was common knowledge Carbuncle was a fox... no?

Feb 6 2020

if shakira gets sued she won’t have to swear under oath, since her hips don’t lie

Feb 5 2020

I have to admit, I thought this was referring to what was original just a Mobile game.  There is a power rangers mobile fighting game.  I thought the article was about that.  I actually had no idea there was a console Power Rangers game.   So I’m an idiot.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.  Move along.  

Feb 3 2020

Seriously Graham Norton should give lessons on how to do a proper talk show to SOMEONE in the US. Jeez. 

Jan 23 2020

I feel like Frodo in Back to the Future 2 when he sees video games were played with hands, but after Tetris in VR and Tetris 99, regular run of the mill Tetris seems like a baby’s toy.

Jan 17 2020

This is ridiculous. I understand this might sound controversial, but there’s no such place! This supposed “community” he claims to be getting support from doesn’t even exist. And the fact that you casually use the incorrect name for it shows your own bias. You think this is some clever, semantic game that lets you Read more

Jan 17 2020

But the first thing people think about with Apu is the over-the-top voice.

*Doesn’t need to check notes*