maddy jam
Jul 5

I consider it a hidden gem. It’s actually a really, REALLY good game. The characters are all enjoyable, the story is designed to keep you guessing with interesting plot twists that you won’t see coming with a good balance that won’t frustrate you. The combat is pretty flawless and has a system kind of remnant of how Read more

May 8

They’re a guilty pleasure of mine too. Lego Games are games I usually recommend to people who are picky or spend too much time looking for something to play or want something new or different. The TT Lego games are easy to pick up and engage. The stories and cutscenes are charming and amusing no matter the age. I also Read more

Mar 27

I have insurance through my employer right now but before that, it was near impossible to get coverage because I have a pre-existing condition (crohns disease). And when I did have it, they constantly would fight with me and my doctors about what tests I needed or what meds they’d cover, ect.

Last year I didn’t have Read more

Mar 17

I don’t own the game but I watched the anime recently on Hulu. I loved it until the end. I invested so much time and interest in it only to be violently teased and shocked by a false ending. Hulu unfortunately doesn’t have the next part which shows the true ending unless there isn’t one? Or I just can’t find it? Maybe Read more

Mar 4

Konami Lawyer: “Sir, that guy on the internet is talking about the company again. This time he wants us to serve a cease and desist against a VR demo.”

Emperor Konami: “Dew it.” 

Mar 2 2020

I’m worried about it only because of my experience with Final Fantasy 15. Did I like the game? Sure. But barely enough to want to play it a second time. The point is: I paid $60 for the game and beat it to 100% completion but it felt lacking and anemic. There were many points in the game where important characters Read more

Feb 26 2020

I was playing it on the Genesis Collection for PS4 but for some reason every time I enter a special stage via a signpost, I end up back at one particular signpost in Emerald Hill Zone Act 2. I could be many zones ahead but once I enter and leave a special stage regardless of whether or not I obtain the chaos emerald, Read more

Jan 6 2020

Okami is one of my favorite games. I’ve definitely jumped back into it multiple times because it’s a nice escape from the norm. 

Dec 7 2019

Coincidentally, my favorite story in the bible is the one where Jesus Christ stomps goombas and saves the princess from Satan.

Dec 2 2019

I agree with you on pretty much all of your points but I’d like to add my own gripe. It’s the companions. They’re not... bad. It’s just. I don’t know. There’s too many at one time? Most episodes I’ve seen I felt like there’s at least one companion sitting around doing nothing because there’s too much going on for Read more

Nov 28 2019

I used to have dreams about Lego Jurassic World as odd as that sounds. Never happened before with any other games. But when I bought that game, I did obsess over it for a while since I really enjoyed it. It was common for me to continue dreaming about collecting lego bits or replaying certain parts of the game. I was Read more

Nov 18 2019

The McDonalds I go to has a few of these kiosks. My experience with them is that after I place my order and try to pay, it for some reason won’t take my credit card. And the workers there won’t fill the damn things with receipt tape so I waste more time walking up to the counter to pay and also having to explain to Read more

Nov 14 2019

I’m excited for Planet Coaster. I’ve already spent hours and hours playing it on PC. I don’t mind moving over to console. And I thought Frontier did an excellent job with the console version of Jurassic World Evolution so I’m not worried about how it might play on console.

Oct 27 2019

Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum. Cry for mercy, the reckoning has come!

Oct 27 2019

The Haunted Mansion on PS2 is my go-to Halloween video game. I consider it a cheap Disney themed version of Luigi’s Mansion. I love it. I also really enjoyed The PS2 Pirates of the Caribbean video game and Eragon—both of which had pretty great co-op.

There’s a Nightmare Before Christmas video game for PS2 as well that Read more

Oct 16 2019

I learned in college that even bad PR is good PR. Donald Trump is easy, free advertising for Twitter and in turn for advertisers on the site. They’re pulling a Donald Trump on Donald Trump by taking full advantage of something negative for monetary purposes. I’m sure Twitter would like nothing more than to not only Read more

Oct 4 2019

Uber Eats has a promotion for today. $0 delivery fee if you order from select Mexican restaurants on their app.