Mad and Boujee
3/09/21 3:19PM

When your estranged daughter is obviously your bread and butter.... White people: the original purveyors of mental illness.

3/09/21 10:18AM

Reminds me of an ad I saw last week:

3/09/21 10:11AM

This podcast is further confirmation that advanced degrees don’t equate to intelligence. In order to spout the bullshit these doctors did, they had to ignore data and facts. Scientifically trained professionals ignored data in favor of pushing their own white nonsense, in a peer-reviewed journal read by other medical Read more

3/09/21 9:32AM

I’m guessing that and a couple of other details must’ve, uh, slipped his mind when he was planning out this whole trip. (And said plans seem to have consisted of buying a one-way ticket with cash just the day before he flew, after texting others to see if he was wanted.)

3/09/21 9:18AM

What would possess him to flee to a country with an extradition treaty with the U.S.?

3/09/21 7:59AM

In all probability he just assumed African countries were all just grass huts on the savannah and he could just hang out in any one of them. 

3/08/21 11:20PM

Fleeing prosecution is usually looked at as a element of guilt and getting tried in Federal Court is nothing like getting tried in State court.

3/08/21 10:21PM

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety Jennifer Cudd is in Rusk, TX teaching and trying to get her gun license reinstated. Read more

3/08/21 10:00PM

He went there to look for Obama’s real birth certificate. Woulda found it if they hadn’t deported his ass so quick.

3/08/21 9:27PM

Which reminds me, did that terrorist ever get back from her trip to Mexico?

3/08/21 8:57PM

The FBI said Sturgeon, who owns a lawn care business, traveled to Kenya on Jan. 24 and was deported from that country to New York. He was arrested Saturday at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Sturgeon told a federal magistrate Monday he “wasn’t trying to flee,” adding he’s a frequent traveler. His defense

3/08/21 8:54PM

I’m sure Mr Klein will be voting for progressive candidates dedicated to improving prison conditions from here on out now that his eyes have been opened.

1/14/21 3:27PM

Scones have butter in them? Any scone I’ve ever tried showed no signs of having any sort of wet ingredient added. 

1/14/21 10:23AM

Tip: Boil water in a drinking glass in the microwave. Dump out water. Do this:

1/14/21 9:59AM

I always forget to soften butter because I’m impulsive and only make cookies on a whim instead of being an adult and preparing. Read more

1/14/21 9:12AM

I sometimes sit it on the stove as the oven preheats. In some instances this works perfectly, while in others I forget about it and have a half melted stick of butter on a plate.