Mad and Boujee
9/24/20 10:06AM

Nah, I knew plenty that didn’t go this crazy. It fills a void for a certain kind of person. Like a gang or a cult does.

9/23/20 9:10AM

Thank God he did though. Someone leaked it so now there’s even more evidence of his shittiness. His defense attorney must be crying right now.

9/23/20 8:56AM

Do what you need to do to go home [to] your family. Just do it with dignity and make sure you can justify your actions because everything down there is recorded. Read more

7/23/20 1:49PM

He’s definitely a frequent drug and or alcohol user. I wonder how long until it catches up to him.

7/22/20 9:41AM

For Gillum’s sake, if not Florida’s, it’s probably best he didn’t win. The stress of being Governor may have made his problem worse and he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go away and heal privately. 

7/21/20 1:21PM

I can’t believe I feel bad for Kim. I know he’s not well but your husband slut shaming you on twitter is pretty awful.

7/17/20 12:36PM

I feel bad for him because I wouldn’t buy anything with a Punisher symbol for fear of being mistaken for a Blue Lives headass

7/14/20 3:56PM

Did anyone else stop reading and ask themselves who amber and christian and were?

7/07/20 1:03PM

As long as you are alive there’s a chance for change. I hope Crews will get there one day.

7/02/20 5:28PM

She could have stayed the fuck in her car and driven away instead of pulling a gun. Just like that Rambo wanna be could have stayed the fuck in his palace in Missouri. Read more