Just Jeepin'
Yesterday 6:54PM

This article just makes me realize how sad everyone will be when Tom Hanks dies.

Yesterday 1:52PM

Also: I loves me some MCU, but I’m getting a little flummoxed by the near-constant shifting of the narrative goalposts. I get that having a whole bunch of “escape routes” is great for maintaining the coherence of a shared universe, but since Captain Marvel, we’ve seen shapeshifting Skrulls, time-travel based Read more

Yesterday 1:24PM

And fittingly, the thing Edge realizes he can use against Clark is the thing that sits at the heart of Superman & Lois as a series: Family.

Yesterday 1:04PM

Also him being bisexual and genderfluid is in line with Norse mythology as described in the Poetic Edda considering he gave birth to an eight legged horse after turning into a mare and banging a giant’s stallion.

Yesterday 11:09AM

You might underestimate those first sixteen-ish years. I left the country after having known my small suburban town for roughly that amount of time and I still have friends from back then. Even now I hope to take my SigOth to visit someday. Read more

Yesterday 10:46AM

Who is Loki when not scheming or obsessing over the giant chip on his shoulder from being Thor’s brother? Turns out he’s just a guy who likes to sing and dance and get hammered like any other Asgardian. Read more

Tuesday 6:10PM

It was fan service, but a good kind of fan service. And it was earned. Read more

Tuesday 5:53PM

The Last Jedi isn’t as good as Empire, but it at least tried to break out and actually move the stories like Empire did. Killing Snoke made Kylo the big bad and not some whiny, emo bitch (seriously, what is it with the Skywalker line and whiny guys?); and it made Rey her own thing not needing to be defined by a Read more

Tuesday 5:41PM

Gahddammit thats what I wanted to say in the first place but messed it up. Character over plot. Always

Tuesday 5:22PM

“This episodic, open-ended style of entertainment is a hallmark of dramatic TV—but it’s also very Star Wars,” Kornhaber argues, while conceding that it remains to be seen just how long Disney can manage this without caving to fan service and unnecessary tie-ins (recent episodes suggest this unfortunate outcome Read more

Tuesday 4:31PM

...the franchise has always been at its best when it leaves in the mysteries and unexplained aspects for its fans to fill in with their own imaginations. Read more

Tuesday 10:39AM

You might be taking him too seriously. 

Tuesday 2:39AM

I hadn't seen this before, but Mark Hamill really is a treasure on every level. 

Tuesday 12:19AM

The plot sounds very similar to The Professionals (1966).   That said, I’m all in for this one.

Monday 5:40PM

What’s the opportunity cost of sitting on 16 cars for 3 years? What price would he need to get per car to break even?

Monday 3:54PM

Reminds me of something Mark Hamill said about Luke Skywalker a few years ago

6/18/21 12:49AM

To be honest, I don’t want the feds in a rush to declare any group to be a terrorist organization. It pretty much always leads to black/brown, leftist and environmentalist groups in the crosshairs. I know this seems airtight, but nothing ever is when terrorism and the feds are concerned. Read more

6/17/21 7:43PM

Know this for sure: if the demographics and marketing told Rupert Murdoch that a pro-choice, pro-atheist, racial equality message was the most profitable to put on the air, the programming would change tomorrow, and in all likelihood, most of the on-air personalities would stay and sing from the new, more profitable Read more