Just Jeepin'
Tuesday 3:26PM

does he return the wife back across the border to the man who hired him, or does he aid Rachel’s bid for freedom and fight off ruthless hired guns and his longtime criminal rival. Read more

Sunday 10:05PM

JMS was quite annoyed by the fact that he took the idea to Paramount, laid out his plans in some detail, they rejected it, and then mysteriously a new space station show, which was previously anathema to Star Trek, magically appeared. Read more

6/03/21 2:28PM

I have to say, these two episodes absolutely gutted me emotionally. It’s good to see Lucifer tackling serious drama, but I sure hope we see a little more of Dan in season 6. Read more

5/20/21 10:01PM

Seems an odd coincidence that the only cops who are ever on the scene of an unnecessary act of violence against a citizen are the bad ones, since they virtually never intercede to stop it, or turn in their co-worker, or testify against the police officer who committed the act. Read more

5/10/21 4:16PM

Nonetheless thanks: I really appreciate their breakfast sandwiches on flatbread. 

5/04/21 3:13PM

I’ve tried to slow him down before. It’s a Sisyphean task.

4/29/21 11:46PM

Funny, when I go back and occasionally rewatch it, it’s always season one. I know (now) why he had to leave, but Sinclair will always be my favorite.

4/22/21 11:43PM

Heck, I learned this week on her 95th birthday that Her Majesty herself served in the military in WWII.

4/22/21 11:39PM

It’s pretty well-documented that the show had to be cut down due to the pandemic, presumably both for logistical reasons and the whole “oh shit we can’t broadcast a show about a global deadly pandemic in the middle of a global deadly pandemic”. Read more

4/22/21 9:35AM

Speaking as someone who watched the guys who wanted to break into my house flee the scene of the crime after the call went out...I’m conflicted on this question.

4/10/21 9:36PM

Plus it’s not as if all of his extant autographs vanished with his death.

4/10/21 9:35PM

The idea elsewhere in the comment thread that Fury is the Power Broker is an interesting one, but if it turns out Sharon has just been faking her turn towards chaotic neutral in service of Fury I’ll be quite disappointed.

4/10/21 9:22PM

I’m not even sure he’s an anti-hero. Flawed, beyond doubt, but he’s genuinely trying to do the right thing (serum-induced rage-murder aside).