Sep 24

Lauren Mestas was at a BLM protest where a guy got shot. After the protest, she returned to the apartment complex where she lives. Possibly because she was shaken by seeing someone die, she forgot where she parked her car, and when she couldn’t find it the next morning, assumed it had been stolen, and called the police Read more

Sep 8

The more obvious argument is that gender reveal parties uphold dangerous and inaccurate gender norms, where biology unequivocally equates to identity...”

As someone who is currently choking on smoke and ash from the wildfire caused by this party, I’m going to have to say, “No. No, that is not remotely the most obvious Read more

Aug 28

Every other review you’ve done, it’s brought back all these memories of the books, including stuff that you didn’t directly mention. Read more

Aug 18

They could stick with her original look:

Jul 15

Yes Tony does give him an upgraded suit, but that’s it.” Read more

Jul 2

I totally agree that it’s a real word - what else would it be, a coffee table? And of course it’s in dictionaries - the whole point of dictionaries is to record how people are using language, and a lot of people use “irregardless.” It’s absolutely a real world, with a long history of usage in the English language. Read more

Jul 1

Sure, and I’m all for a complete overhaul of worker’s rights in America, but I’m a little suspicious about people who care about that only in context of being able to solicit women for sex. Read more

Jun 30

“Seriously, is he a sociology professor...”

Sociology professor? I’m sorry! I thought you were looking for a sociopath professor! 

Jun 30

The thing is, we don’t generally require “court of law” standards when firing people for other things. If my boss thinks I’m slacking off at work, he can just fire me. He doesn’t have to present objective metrics of my work activity to a neutral arbitrator first. Read more

Jun 26

I really hope you do the Greyhawk novels written by Gygax himself.  Its been a looooong time since I read them, but I’m pretty sure they’re terrible.

Jun 25

Yes, absolutely. Even giving this guy every benefit of the doubt on his motivations in propositioning Ayala, he should still be fired. The purpose of the company he works for is to sign new talent, not to get Dariani’s dick wet. If Dariani creeping on women streamers is causing those women to sign with different Read more

Jun 24

Asking for a threesome is not an abusive statement. The problem isn’t the nature of the sex act. The problem is that Dariani was someone with immense power in the industry, and Ayala was someone who worked in that industry, and whose career could be seriously damaged if Dariani decided to get vindictive over her Read more

Jun 21

I didn’t mind giving him a redemption arc (although “arc” is a generous description of what we got in the sequels) but having him die was a cop-out. Way more interesting to have him realize he’s been a monster, and then have to live with that for the rest of his life: to have to deal with the fact that no matter what Read more

Jun 19

Just after Trump was elected, I spent a good week playing Mafia 3, just walking around the streets and going into stores, waiting until a random NPC said something racist, then beating the shit out of them.

Surprisingly cathartic.

May 19

That’s not Ultra-Man, that’s Abe Sapien doing Ultra-Man cosplay.

May 13

Cowboys. Otherwise, what’s the point?