Sep 14

As an older gamer, it is a little sad that you couldn’t spare a sentence to the fact that the Origin trademark in gaming predates this digital storefront. EA purchased Origin Systems, developers of Ultima in 1992. They went on to create one of the early MMORPGs in Ultima Online that pioneered a lot of the online Read more

Aug 14

Before anyone starts whining that “He was just cheating on his wife, sure that’s bad, but why is he being fired for that?!”, a couple of points: Read more

Aug 10

it can be exceedingly easy to forget that up until very recently, queer characters more or less didn’t exist in the animation space outside of being the butt of jokes. Read more

Jul 13

This is why I’m so reluctant to discuss politics or morals with people. Yeah Ubisoft may have appropriated questionable source material but the message is obvious. On its face, to me, the quote is about standing in solidarity with other groups because we all have something in common. It’s also about not letting an Read more

Jul 1

The thing about Cyborg is there are way to many heavy hitters around him in the Justice League.   Read more

Jun 28

The first thing I thought when I saw the news was surprise that anyone but me remembered that movie. Sometimes it feels like Barret Oliver was in all the scifi of my childhood.

Jun 25

That’s salient. I think I read the line about being blacklisted for not “doing the right thing” and interpreted “the right thing” as refusing a sexual encounter, which kinda disrupts the narrative of what he was saying. If you read it as choosing to have sex, then it becomes much clearer that he essentially said, “A Read more

Jun 25

Right, it’s the same reason that a teacher is in trouble for having sex with a student, even if the student is not in a class of the teacher and all other consent conditions are still met. Read more

Jun 20

I don’t think it would need to end with Kylo dying. You could end it with him being beaten, and having it rubbed in his face that the desperate drive to reclaim this “glorious past” only made him weaker and more pathetic, left broken and barely anything at all. Read more

Jun 19

Detroit is an awesome game.

Surprised Mafia 3 wasn’t on the list, nothing more fun then killing the shit out of the klan(oh i’m sorry the Southern Union) and white moderates.

May 18

This new format of not scrolling but instead clicking next is stupid.  I click next but then still have to scroll to see two paragraphs.  What’s wrong with scroll format??

Apr 20

My personal favorite reinvented character is Commissioner Gordon.

Mar 6

Never read the comics, and when I saw that scene I thought it was one of the dumbest scenes in the whole franchise. It honestly broke the 4th Wall because of how obviously absurd it was in-universe and how it was clearly just meant to be the filmmakers speaking directly to fans at home in the most blatant, ludicrous Read more

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Mar 6

You can break it down in any way you want to (the plot, the characters, their interactions, the overt fan service, as the last chapter of a saga) but the end result is always the same: This movie simply blows.
Read more

Mar 4

I love Lizzy Warrren. She is smart, thoughtful, and passionate. The only reason she is not running away with this thing is that we —as a country— fucking suck at doing the right thing. Read more