m-b-w loves his SUBAROO
Jun 15

When I worked as an assistant principal in an urban school where, as a white man, well... Let’s just say that certain people were my friends in certain were not. but one of the people who was my friend was the lead custodian, a guy who worked for the district which shall remain nameless but it was in an East Bay City Read more

Oct 20 2019

Can confirm as I have family there and I’ve visited Youngstown and Hubbard every few years. SO MANY CAVALIERS AND SUNFIRES! That said, it’s a great place to find used parts and donor cars provided you’re not wanting them for their (lack of remaining) sheet metal!

May 21 2019

I’d stick with something Japanese if you want to push it to 250k again. I just don’t think the Turbo first year Escape is up for the task. 

Apr 11 2019

I see a fair amount of new Outlanders around. I think it is the new car of choice for the Calvinist Presbyterians. They are cheap and don’t believe in birth control, so they need the cheap 7 seater.

Jan 18 2019

My uncle is very pleased with his Outback 3.6. The flat 6 has good power and its rated for 3700 pounds. He uses his to tow a large sailboat so I figure your boat will be fine. Good mpg too. 

Jan 5 2019

Nice! I had a pretty good experience with them. I think Honda corporate must do a pretty decent job of keeping the dealers reputable, I haven’t heard too many horror stories about Honda dealers.

Oct 13 2018

Once I bought a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 from a used car dealer on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. That was interesting...