1:08 PM

I’ve had both. The paragard was like I was hemorrhaging while being stabbed in the uterus for 7-8 days a month (my normal periods on BC pills were 4-5). I have some mental health issues and I was hoping that getting away from hormones would help, but I didn’t see any difference and the periods were unlivable. I made Read more

10:34 PM

Yes, but in the interest of public health there are already limits on our bodily autonomy. If I have an abortion, that impacts no one but me. If I put in my will that I want my body to be thrown in the SF bay for the sea lions, or scarecrowed in my front lawn as a warning to my enemies, or left on the sidewalk, now we Read more

2:26 PM

I switched to Mirena from Paragard (which made me bleed like a stuck, cramping pig for 7 days a month). No cramps now, and haven’t had a period in almost 2 years. IT IS A MIRACLE.

6:07 PM

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Any number of bridesmaids is too many bridesmaids. God did I hate being a bridesmaid. Every time it was a huge burden financially and timewise (which, as I was in graduate school, I had neither money nor time). I would never put anyone I cared about through that.

5:51 PM

I called the cops once when I overheard what I thought could be a domestic violence situation in a neighboring apartment a few years ago when I was living in North Carolina. The cops never even came.

3:23 PM

Are you in Cali? It’s legal to grow up to 5 plants here, but we haven’t just because it’s so much easier to just go to the dispensary. It’s just such a lot of effort to grow instead. If you’re not somewhere with access though, I definitely understand. We grew a bit when we were in another state and our sources weren’t Read more

3:20 PM

An ounce is quite a bit. Most people buy eighths or quarters of an ounce at a time. Depending how much you smoke that lasts a while. Eights of the good stuff here in Cali cost ~$45-65.

3:18 PM

Technically we only have medical here, but it’s basically legal. There are specific doctors offices that will give a card to anyone for $50 and up, with varying degrees of examination/records required. That hasn’t stopped the feds from harassing some dispensaries and growers though. There’s a good documentary/reality Read more

11:07 PM

I'm on Wellbutrin and Gabapentin for my anxiety/depression. I just started Gabapentin last year and it has changed my life immeasurably for the better; I don't think I've ever been able to let go of my anxiety enough to be happy and positive before being on it. I had been taking Klonopin before that, and I had a lot Read more