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My tits are so small that I’ve only worn bras to ‘hide’ the nipple. And gravity hasn’t lowered them after 40 years. I got over it FAST. I have never envied ladies with fuller breasts. On the contrary. I am extremely sorry for the pain of 1. having to worry about and maintain them so as to be considered "sexy" despite Read more

Ground up dried seahorse? I'm a Midwestern dum dum. Is that a thing? If it is happy-producing, I need to find it on the Interwebs and order it STAT.

Why are people pointing fingers and getting riled up. These commenters are not saying that this discovery SHOULD NOT benefit burn victims, but that - quite possibly - the driving force behind it might well be the vanity industry. Research is driven by money and interested markets. It's very unfortunate but it's a fact.

If you are referring to Ella, I see no lack of empathy. She is simply being realistic and is probably 100% correct in her assessment. No offense, btw.

Everyone she fucks? You're a judgmental dick. But if it's true, well... we are known by the company we keep.

I don't think watching a woman eat 51 bananas will "get me there" anyway. If she isn't shitting her brains out, I will be......

Haha! I can't believe this wasn't invented decades ago. Seriously. And it will be EVERYTHING (and HUGE money). This is why we don't have more advanced (and affordable) dentistry, successful uterine transplanting, serious-ass medical help for women who suicide during perimenopause, and an age where woman don't die Read more

Probably because the people in our broken society are broken: very, very broken.... hence our society:(

Well, of course, she was drunk and being careless and drunk. She was probably [drunkenly] "flirting" with him in the elevator, and was too drunk and stupid [and clearly slutty] to get herself out of [obvious] harm's way before drunkenly allowing herself to be positioned underneath him. Also, famous (?) white guy.

Another "smarmy" member of a musician Dude Squad finally get's the rape charge he's probably earned decades ago. I'm not saying this shouldn't be news or that it isn't extremely important.... But are we actually surprised?

I kept trying to figure out a word for their body language/facial expressions..... resignation, disapproval? Mine would be utter horror, because -from what I think I've heard - those two uniformed men are assigned to literally shoving as many bodies into the trains as possible (beyond the possible). Yikes! From what Read more

Ugh. Pollock. Well here's Gaga and hubby post-coital after sealing their love into a paint-covered canvas. I don't wanna see.

I wish I could remember the name of the guy who shellacked several of his public hairs onto a bar of soap and made a small fortune (because ''real life"):/

I confess: I don't weed (nerd/no access), but would this change your mind? *sigh*, I'm trying really hard to be "relevant." :(

I'm not buy'in it. Truth is, Tiny Bieber just loves hockey-Jesus. (sorry for the huge photos). Eh, that's what it's really all aboot.