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There is a movie with Jenny Slate called Obvious Child- and she does just that. It's a great little movie. Read more

Food is delicious. Service is retarded. ***** the hostess should be fired. The restaurant was deserted and we had a Reservation. She would not seat us in a booth and said that it was for parties of 3 only. We waited as we saw only couples of 2 being seated there for the next hour. We left no tip. Read more

I would rather chew glass and wash it down with a bag of hair than miss a single moment of this upcoming season. Read more

I'm sure she was immediately picked up after the photo because who in the hell wears those shoes at Disneyland? Read more

There's always next week!

First thing you should do is get rid of Quanell X. Read more

Quanell X's involvement as a spokesperson is interesting Read more

Then don't argue that the song can only ever be read one way and every other reading is wrong. Read more

Yeah gurl, that's what all of us replying to you are doing. Projection much?

slow clap for Kara, as well as the human right to approach a topic however a bitch shall please Read more

Boy I really wish fate would quit forcing you to write such insane bullshit! Read more

"Science and philosophers." Read more

And most of them are leaving for Vice. It appears that Nick Denton pays his staff in taco buffets? Read more

I haven't been inside a kitchen that wasn't part of my house for at least 20 years (old!), but I still use 86. And Adam and Eve on a raft. And Get The Fuck Out of My Kitchen or I Will Cut You. I have a set of Wüsthofs and a set of Shuns - I'm very serious about my knives and cutting a bitch. Read more

No, he was not hot. I was also 18 and he had 30 years on me. S0 really I think he was some old fuck that wanted to get a young fuck, but sorry. My pussy is not for everyone and if that hurts your feelings I just don't care. No I do care, I wish it hurt you more :D Read more

Jesus Christ, what are you, 5? "She hit me first!" Haven't you ever heard that old gem, two wrongs don't make a right? Unless she was holding a gun to his head or threatening his fucking mom with a carving knife, he had no reason to FUCKING KNOCK HER THE FUCK OUT. The reason people are ignoring the fact that she hit Read more

Well done. So fucking well done. Read more