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Ah potato leek soup is the king of blended soups!! Especially since you can sub the leeks for most other alliums and end up with something delicious.

Lugaw has been a wonderful soft comfort food addition to my Lockdown Recipe rotation. Read more

They don’t have the same scaling menu that Waffle House does, but since Whataburger’s whole thing is being open 24/7, if multiple locations are closed, you know the situation is pretty dire.

Honestly, the biggest indicator for how bad the power outtage shitshow in Texas has gotten is that the Whataburger down the road from our house has been closed for 3 days straight.

The problem is that the show wants to introduce the theme of, “Mando kills a bunch of anti-Empire Rebels to save the kid, that’s kind of fucked up huh?” but they’re also too cowardly to actually risk the audience not liking Mando for half an episode, thus making the rebels all non-human aliens. Read more

Oh dang that’s a good point! Per the drawing below and my memory of the rest of the book, the grandmother and the main kid only ever have dots for eyes, whereas most everyone else (both the witches and the oafish hotel guests) have full-on eyeballs. What a lovely detail.

Blake’s character design is so good! I love how he splits the difference between “all these witches look like normal women” and “there is something inherently unsettling about all of them”. Even with the mask on, the way he drew the Grand High Witch always gave me the creeps.

It’s interesting that here in the U.S. this hasn’t been an issue, as far as I can tell. Read more

This happens all the time with discussions of comics and it’s my biggest pet peeve. Reading The Witches would not have been as viscerally horrifying an experience as it was without Quentin Blake’s illustrations, yet he’s hardly ever credited by name!

I love how Rock Hudson basically does an extended Ralph Bellamy impression when pretending to be a doofy Texas rancher in order to court Doris Day, (in addition to spoofing his own role in Giant). Read more

My favorite of the Cary Grant screwballs is probably I Was A Male War Bride (also directed by Howard Hawks). Just absurd and silly, and an all-around lovely wartime comedy.

I enjoy how two of the movies we think of canonical classic of this era, His Girl Friday and It’s A Wonderful Life, only became thought of as such due to copyright lapses and the subsequent wide availability. Makes you wonder what other films we’d hold up as greats if everyone and their mother had watched it a hundred Read more

Honestly, the secrecy seems warranted. I assume Disney would have immediately fired & recast Boseman if they had gotten the slightest hint that they might not be able to make 25 movies worth of money out of him, then blamed it on “creative differences” or “insurance concerns”. Considering he was diagnosed in 2016, it Read more

I remember my brother and I rented this in middle school around the time he was first starting to come out. The video store clerk obviously didn’t want to rent a rated R movie to 12 and 13 year olds, so we had to call our dad (who did not yet know about my brother!) & convince him that I just wanted to rent “a Read more

I don’t know what I cried harder at, the opening montage, or scene immediately after it, set to that a section of Bizet’s Carmen, that shows how Carl has transformed from a vibrant man full of life into a cranky grump using a conveyer belt to get down the stairs.

The only traditional recipe in our family is one for my Oma’s goulash - a dish I don’t think I’ve ever seen her make, but that my dad cooked all the time when I was a kid. I now make this all the time and have used it as the base for a pretty damn good beef stew recipe of my own. Read more

If this wasn’t a CW show, I’d be more in the “Dang, that movie actress just needs to be prepared for network schedules” camp, but considering the car accident that happened with the 16hr days on Riverdale & the reports that came out after, (both in the article linked below & statements from other cast members after Read more

Top Gun’s one of those movies where, the first time you see it, it’s almost a comedy due to how ridiculous and cheesy it is, especially watching it on a TV at home where you don’t get to see just how visually beautiful it is. Read more