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The stench of the undead does tend to... Linger.

This was the movie that made me a believer in Chris Evans’ talent. Before that, I had only seen The Perfect Score and Fantastic Four and was pretty nonplussed. He’s so good in this though, and then came Push and Scott Pilgrim and he just kept on going. Read more

While the ideal situation would be for bigots to learn their lesson and grow as people, that ain’t happening, so here’s hoping they boycott the parks so the rest of us get shorter, asshole-free  lines

Make the whole damn recipe and you’ve got some outstanding leftovers for lunch the next day. The pasta solves so many of the problems that plague daily life!

Grits are great breakfast fare . either with syrup, or savory. also hot grapenuts.

My wife has made potato leek soup at least a couple of times. It’s something I’ll gladly have even if I’m not on a soft-food diet.

The photo atop the story is a good start - Congee and it’s Italian cousin, risotto. Read more

And it’s not like what he is eating is all that outlandish. And some of it isn’t even unusual. PG Tips is a standard mass-produced tea brand, one that actual tea snobs would look down on (it would be like an American saying that they drink Maxwell House coffee). I get it, probably that was the tea his family drank Read more

There’s a difference between one person having a breakfast smoothie and ethically sourced beef and the other person selling a $55 stone that goes in your vagina with no scientific benefit. Read more

A spouse sexting someone outside the marriage is absolutely cheating.

this man needs to be protected at all costs.

I still remember very clearly that when my wife and I got our marriage license in Chicago we had to certify that we were over 18, that we weren’t first cousins, and that we weren’t gay. There were exceptions to the first-cousin rule and exceptions to the over-18 rule. There were no exceptions to the gay rule. Read more

Some things are too beautiful to even imagine.

Pretty sure Fat Boy Slim beat you to the idea of casting a kinda sexy, weird talking character actor with dance training in a music video thing

I was reading it in Dear Prudence and thought “if this were Dan Savage’s column, he’d probably respond with ‘actually, this is good BECAUSE they’re cousins’ or something.” Read more

Look, I try to be open-minded and sex-positive and whatever the fuck, but then I read an advice column where a person’s husband is sexting their own cousin and the response is that they should look up the legal definition of cousin-fucking and twist themselves into knots to arrive at a place where you can sext your

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