10/15/19 2:04PM

As a paraplegic, I get a bit disgusted when the ADA is used to promote entitlement like this. It makes those of us who want equal opportunities to services look like cry babies that want special perks. A drive through is for cars. If able-bodied people can’t walk up to a window to order without a car, then why Read more

10/01/19 1:08PM

I always tip 25%+ unless I fuck up the arithmetic and only end up doing 20% by accident. I didn’t work in service long, and not in a directly tipped role, but I learned that so many customers are shitty tippers and behave shitty. I’m basically just hoping to even that out so the server isn’t getting screwed at the end Read more

10/01/19 12:31PM

As a former bartender at a busy airport bar, it’s sad that I noticed that the good people who tipped a little extra helped to make up for the stiffs or the cretins who would tip the pennies and lint in their pocket. Read more

3/06/19 1:40PM

By one measure of success, Deadspin is more successful. But all that is beside the fucking point anyway. The New York Times is more successful than Deadspin, but people don’t flood the comment section of every article Deadspin writes criticizing the New York Times saying that. Because it doesn’t matter. One of the Read more

2/20/19 4:13PM

This is too real. He’s like every white Millennial dudebro who is now a DSA member and wants to “actually” me all day long. Considering that almost every candidate is running on the same platform that already aligns with Sanders’, I can go ahead and say: I do not like Bernie Sanders and I will not vote for him in the Read more

1/18/19 2:40PM

“Jewish Fascist Defends Fascist Jew-Hater”

12/25/18 7:39PM

I loved that right up until the end.  I usually watch each episode two or three times but I could only stand to watch the finale once.  Alice is THE WORST.

8/29/18 11:33AM

Everything you said plus the fact that two of the major things he campaigned for (Universal healthcare and abolishing ICE) he has no power to enact as governor. Also look at where he lost to Gwen, the more conservative part of our state. Plus if he wins (which yes I’ll be happy but I’m not betting on it) he’ll have to Read more

8/29/18 10:35AM

DeSantis is disgusting. His commercials with his kid building a wall with blocks and reading Trump’s book as bedtime stories was ridiculous. Some of the Florida media were like oh that’s so funny that he can make his Trump loving self. No it's gross that he's teaching his children that crap. 

8/14/18 7:50AM

*squints* Are you trying to embody the stereotype here for lulzy illustrative purposes?

8/13/18 11:43PM

I think what a lot of people don’t get is that the restaurant biz bitching about well done steaks isn’t 100% to do with it just being wrong to cook a steak that way. Or it ruining the steak. Its not a judgement on a customers personal tastes.

Sure preparing that cut that way isn’t doing to meat any favors. And Read more

7/25/18 12:54PM

Andrew Sharp started there, and had a fairly funny Hot Taek article series (I think it was him). The internet wasn’t as mature as it is now, and when they had comments he’d really pull some people in.

7/25/18 10:30AM

He was hit and miss ... But we all knew what we were getting at that point.  His summation of the 2000 election and article on 9/12 was as good as anything he ever wrote.