5/12/21 4:36PM

So I am going to say this, as the owner of four (4!) homepods that I bought at various large discounts. Read more

5/07/21 10:56AM

Um, no. I was genuinely curious to begin with- that’s why I asked. Read more

5/06/21 1:06PM

First off, the case is relevant because it did not allow others to publish games without going through a gatekeeper and another company circumvented that and got sued for copyright due to methods they used.” Read more

5/04/21 3:35PM

Interesting. So you are citing Sega v. Accolade- which is a case that has nothing to do with antitrust law, but is only about fair use in the context of copyright ... that means ... what, exactly? Genuinely curious? Read more

10/28/20 10:59AM

I am mad, and will continue to be mad, and may always be mad, about the loss of the stick shift in ‘Murika. Read more

9/21/20 2:22PM

I have been to Disney World twice since they re-opened, for extended stays. Read more

3/13/20 9:50AM

Normally, I hate all the selections by everyone. But .... Allison is the clear winner. Read more

10/16/19 12:13PM

Well, yes. It is ... complicated. Theoretically, truly frivolous lawsuits can be sanctioned, but that almost never happens. Read more

10/15/19 4:58PM

“I think more actions like this will be occurring as some of these ADA suits are definitely just for money and abusing the court system.” Read more

10/15/19 3:51PM

Now you’re changing things- and you probably wouldn’t know why the Unruh claim was pled if it bit you on the posterior. Read more

10/15/19 3:24PM

“I generally favor accessibility; but I agree that these suits are about lining pockets. Nobody wants Taco Bell or Wendy’s that badly.” Read more

10/15/19 3:06PM

And this was a drive-thru. Literally the salient distinction that you are missing. Read more

10/15/19 2:36PM

“As a paraplegic, I get a bit disgusted when the ADA is used to promote entitlement like this” Read more

10/15/19 2:33PM

“I think it’s less about “using the drive through” and more about restaurants having two different sets of hours based on one’s ability to operate a car, thus relegating an entire group ineligible to be accommodated during those hours even though they’re part of a protected class. Dick.” Read more