12/07/15 12:00PM

...and then demanded that his followers dink blood and eat flesh. Definitely a zombie.

12/06/15 3:10PM

Yep. I posted a comment, but I think it bears repeating: Using financial dependency as a tactic to emotionally manipulate your child is abuse. And typically it’s not the only issue in the relationship. As a survivor of parental abuse, the mother in this piece raises major red flags all across the board.

12/06/15 3:08PM

Yeah. Like she’s a grinchian mastermind. She wants to have no contact with her daughter so the daughter won’t know what’s coming. She’ll be all wistful about the cookies and the decorations and having some good ol fashion Christmas time with her family then boom! Christmas morning hits and baby sister and elder sister Read more

12/06/15 3:05PM

No, she’s not. This mimics my parents to a T. They were financially manipulative my whole life. Parents like these are usually emotionally abusive in every sense of the term. Using money as collateral is rarely the only problem. This is not an original story. Read more

12/06/15 2:48PM

I don’t agree at all. I was very bothered by this mother using money to manipulate her adult child. And she has so many ideas on how to do it. That’s not difficulty adjusting, it’s being a really shitty parent.

11/10/15 2:22AM

Yeah, it might not be quite as dramatic as someone getting an accidental mouthful of wasabi, but it’s still the beverage equivalent of going to put your foot on the next step but you’re at the top.

11/09/15 1:38PM

I need the record to reflect that even though it’s not food-related, this story is awesome and you’re awesome.

11/09/15 12:06PM

one shitton is 1000 assloads, don’t you even know units

11/04/15 10:27AM

hopefully i’ll just be echoing what everyone else is saying (because it’s the right goddamn thing to point out) but Read more

11/04/15 10:26AM

It’s almost as if refusing to protect trans people didn’t stop straight men from going into womens’ restrooms to assault children there. Read more

11/04/15 9:32AM

You hoisted George W Bush on us. You elected Rick Perry. You elected Greg Abbott, and the chucklehead legislators who passed the law that could threaten access to abortion for women across the country when it hits the SCOTUS this term. Read more

11/02/15 12:01PM

I agree that it should definitely be the responsibility of a server making less than $3 per hour to ensure that two adults don’t do anything ridiculously stupid after drinking too much at a restaurant.

11/02/15 11:42AM

I love the idea that he wasn’t supposed to call the police on people about to endanger those around them.