3/04/17 12:38AM

Not in response to whatever the first person said but if you’re using the cup right and changing it in time, you won’t get blood on you. I liked it a lot because I hate the smell of blood and it actually minimized the odor.

11/23/16 2:32PM

It’s not white face. Do you see the milk in her hand? If you are sprayed with pepper spray, mace, etc., you pour milk into your eyes. Please stop leaping to conclusions.

12/08/15 1:06PM

Sorry, but I disagree. You children don’t owe you anything. They didn’t ask to be born. They didn’t ask to be raised. And their clothing, feeding, and education is an obligation that you chose to accept the moment you decided to have a child, both legally and morally. Read more

11/16/15 4:43PM

Yeah, I’m 1/2 white, 1/2 asian. The chances of their being a match for me on the registry are actually like 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent (according to the most optimistic estimates.) Read more

9/23/15 3:57PM

Is there like a store where you can find those dude or . . . ..

9/08/15 2:42PM

Fat people regularly go to the emergency room for various injuries, only to have their complaints dismissed as a result of “fatness”. I was in a car accident that made it impossible to walk for some time due to extensive back destruction.

“You need to exercise more. You are gaining weight. Have you tried walking?”
“I Read more

9/08/15 2:21PM

Ugh, 1/2 Korean here. So that’s fun.
“How do you speak Korean?”
“Actually, I’m Korean.”
“No you’re not; you’re too fat to be Korean.”
“Well I’m 1/2 Korean.”
“Oh, that must be your American half.”

9/08/15 12:16PM

The issue is not that a fat person can’t lose weight. The issue is that over 95% of people that lose weight on a diet gain it back before 5 years is up, AND they tend to be less healthy than people that stuck with a normal, healthy eating regimen and were a stable weight the whole time. That’s what is generally meant Read more

9/08/15 12:10PM

Bwahahaha I just busted out laughing in my office. “Doctor College.” Love it. <3

8/27/15 3:16PM

The amount of abuse I have taken as a short female who used to be “cute”—I can’t even. When somebody, anybody, holds anything out of my reach to be funny, it puts me into such a blind rage that I literally cannot see straight.

8/24/15 2:28PM

Seconded. The spectrum is the DSM-5 category in which four different variations of Autism were rolled into a single disorder, because they were seen as lying along a spectrum. Hence, spectrum. There is a huge difference between being a highly functioning autistic that has issues with social cues and being a low Read more

8/24/15 2:26PM

Not all disabilities are the same. I’d wager a highly functional, literate, verbal autistic with what appears to be above average intelligence (based on your paragraph above) is not the same as having Down’s Syndrome.

8/24/15 2:11PM

While I agree that the stigma surrounding disability is bullshit, your statement represents a misunderstanding of what the medical definition of disability would be. Read more