Aug 2 2018

From God’s damn mouth to your hands, I tell you.

And barefoot on the sidewlak in NYC...I am shuddering all the way here in Florida.

Aug 2 2018

“I want her to leave ... if you leave you’ll be committing a crime!” This barefoot bitch ...

Aug 2 2018

Walking on a NYC street without shoes!  IN BROOKLYN! The whole place is like a shag carpet made out of needles! This poor white woman needs taken to a mental hospital, she is clearly insane.  

Jul 19 2018

love too watch Robin murder a bunch of bad guys in the streets with a gun while saying swear words

Jul 19 2018

Man, they really just can’t let this whole “dark and gritty” thing go, can they? Were they all that emotionally scarred by The Dark Knight?

Mar 28 2018

Having begun doing freelance work for fighting game tournaments, part of the job is keeping an eye on Twitch stream chatrooms, and it’s always all hands on deck whenever a female is competing. I would like to think it’d be best for our hobby/profession/the industry as a whole to include as many people as we can, but Read more

Aug 18 2017

Unsolicited advice from someone who survived a very necessary estrangement from her own mother: beware of anyone who attempts to convince you that you should be able to look past this. I wish someone had told me 20 years ago that “blood is not thicker than safety.” Thank you and good luck.

Aug 13 2017

I’ve lived with pretty severe bipolar disorder I since I was 14 (diagnosed only at age 28, but the symptoms set in far, far earlier than that). I know the pain of being so depressed you can’t get out of bed for days at a time, so much that even the thought of showering is too exhausting to accomplish. I know how it Read more

May 21 2017

Wonder if this is the real reason or just a more palatable excuse than “fighting a woman now would remind everyone I’m a wife-beater.”

May 16 2017

I obviously haven’t seen the show, but how does a regular ol sitcom espouse conservative values? What were the plotlines? A daughter gets pregnant because she’s only ever had abstinance only education and Tim Allen forces her to carry it to term but doesn’t contribute to the upbringing of the child?

May 15 2017

I expect there will be a lot of ‘concerns’ by Republicans who are very ‘troubled’ by this, but in the end they’ll just want to ‘keep an eye on the situation’ (as they slowly back away into the bushes)

May 13 2017

I will never understand how so many ‘religious’ people support him. I mean I don’t really understand how *any* people support him, but Christians largely (bigly?) rallying behind such a figure of vaulgarity is perplexing.

May 3 2017

I am seriously starting to think about preparing to leave the country. It would be very, very difficult, and not what I want to do at this stage in my life, but I think it’s not a bad idea to at least have a plan. Things may get very bad very quickly, and we may not be allowed to leave once the shit hits the fan. I Read more

May 1 2017

Because he was grooming her to be his wife the whole time and part of being Elvis’s wife was PURITY. I mean, they did do everything but sex, but for real, Elvis picked her young so he could bring her up the way he wanted to. It was fucking disgusting.