Mar 11 2019

We’re all assuming this is the same failure mode right now.  Until further information is gathered, that’s speculation.

Dec 9 2018

I can imagine that dear brave dog slept the sleep of angels the night after his family came home. A big cheer for those who kept bringing provisions and keeping the hope alive—so much sadness and then we get this little ray of light!

Dec 9 2018

I’m not crying. It’s allergies. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve suddenly developed allergies. Read more

Dec 9 2018

Fucking hell, humans don’t deserve dogs.  Their loyalty, love and kindness is unmatched.  Goodest of boys, good boy!

Oct 25 2018

Fucking seriously. We need to help them, not stop them from seeking asylum, which is COMPLETELY LEGAL.

Oct 25 2018

These are desperate people are fleeing profound violence and poverty. They need help. We are the richest nation in the world. Turning them away when they have nowhere to go...it just ain’t right. It’s not American, it’s not Christian, and it’s not human.

Oct 10 2018

“Ten years ago” works for me.

Feb 26 2018

When I was a kid even had Richard Petty stickers on my dirt bike. But his recent comments pretty much pissed me off at him and so if he goes bankrupt? So be it and I could now care less.

Feb 26 2018

He’s definitely one of those guys that proves that just because you’re a “legend” (and rightfully so) it doesn’t mean you’re not also a shitbag.

Feb 26 2018

Its probably more that he lost his major sponsor. As far as I’m concerned that’s fine with me given his shitty comments about firing anyone who doesn’t stand for the national anthem.

Jan 30 2018

...our state’s resolute commitment to supporting our troops Read more

Jan 24 2018

I avoid American Airlines, and this is one more reason to continue to do so.

Dec 9 2017

The one coming next year will have the full premium treatment, since Car Culture is going full premium in 2018.

Oct 29 2017

It’s a new car..blah blah...average is pretty good these days...but CR doesn’t know what it’s doing...why do you hate EVs yadda yadda...these are just little problems...if you think that’s bad look at this 1980 Chevy Citation drone drone... Read more

Oct 29 2017

And cue all the Tesla Fan Boy/Girl excuses in 3....2....1...

Oct 29 2017

Wow, it’s almost like the protests, like the national anthem itself, have nothing to do with the troops and everything to do with the dehumanization of black people. Who knew!

Oct 13 2017

She spent 8 years scaring old white racists about the “evil black man in the White House”. Fuck her and NBC.

Oct 13 2017

Good. Working at Fox News SHOULD affect your career.