Aug 6 2018
Mail call

Huge mail call from Plasticprints. I pulled the trigger and bought his car culture collection. Box arrived today and

Jan 17 2018
Potential Trade?

I am looking for a carded 2017 N Case 67 Camaro Super Treasure hunt or 2017 Q Case Fairlady Z Super Treasure hunt.

Sep 8 2017
Matchbox HWEP

Hot wheels are hard to come by in my area as there’s too many scalpers around. Anyone interested in HWEP for some

Jun 6 2017
Datsun 510

According to t-hunted blog the 510 wagon from the Brazilian Convention will  be sold in Brazil. It appears it will

Dec 10 2016

I’m going thru my casts and offering some for trade. I’ll post more as I dig them up. I like mainline tv/pop culture

Nov 2 2016
Coming Soon (w/ Spoilers)

The JDM craze is in full swing with M2 Machines jumping into the foray. Their instagram and Facebook page posted the

Oct 30 2016
TRU PSA (updated)

A friendly PSA for those turning to their local TRU Stores in search of the Forza boxed set. In-store locations have

Sep 25 2016
Of JDM Happenings

So as many of you might have heard Matchbox in conjunction with Nissan was going to be part of the 2016 Japanese

May 22 2016
Cars cars

Anybody here collect Cars animated toys? I picked up the Chase Mater and Hudson Hornet mostly out of curiosity and

Apr 19 2016
Successful HWEP

I received my package yesterday from Plasticprints and needless to say I’m quite happy with the contents.

Mar 8 2016
Trade Bait

Picked these two Retro Entertainment casts today at the Mart of the Wal. If anyone is interested in them I’ll trade

Mar 7 2016
Public Notice

Local Food 4 Less stores (Kroger Stores in West Coast) are carrying international card dump boxes. I saw a mix of B

Feb 16 2016
HWEP Trade Bait

Anyone here interested in any of these? I am looking for retro entertainment, tv series mainlines or m2 machines.

Feb 5 2016
Pinewood Derby

Greetings LaLD community I humbly come to you today inquiring about possible tips and themes to build a pinewood

Feb 3 2016
Johnny Lighting News

According to the Instagram feed from Johnny Lighting local TRU Stores are carrying vintage Johnny Lightings from

Jan 9 2016
Super Secret Santa

Apologies for the delay in posting this awesomeness somehow my aunt just forgot to tell me I had a package.

Oct 17 2015
HAWL and Trade Bait

After many unsuccessful trips to Walmart in search of the Bond Cars and Mario Pop Culture sets I decided to head