You’ll be missed, greatly. Thanks for your service, Megan Read more

Genius. Thanks Erik -- this too is one of my life hacks for any bleak time Read more

Every insinuation of Drew’s is correct, but worse. Just walking around there imparts paranoia and aggravation. The only saving grace is that, when I have to visit there now, I can rely on my memory of dropping acid and helping my buddy secure a one-nighter with a MUCH older woman. This was back when the Monterey Rugby Read more

Hospital: “Fire up the centrifuge!” Read more

I saw this happen when we had to fire an abusive coach from a youth sports team. There were ample, repeated, severe violations by the coach, yet a handful of his players (and their families) supported him. Notably, those families were almost all “star” players. Read more

My Pop Warner coach picked up my teammate by the face mask, shook him, and threw him down. It was sickening and he should have been marched off the field in handcuffs. (Nothing close to that happened. Actually, nothing happened because it was the 1970s and this shit was the norm) Read more

Who wrote this hed? Because it’s genius Read more

Here’s where we learn if one set of rules obtain for young black athletes and another for old white executives. Read more

What a pompous fucking douchebag. I love how he leans into his patriarchy, adding an overt professional threat onto an implied one. Read more

I just watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 on Dion Sanders playing the World Series and NFL games at the same time -- a monumental achievement and a good watch, too. 25 years later, Gray is STILL outraged at Dion’s “selfishness” when, oddly, all of his teammates were wildly supportive of Dion. Read more

The statistic repeatedly cited by authorities is wildly misleading. Yes, there have been 20 mountain lion fatalities in the last 100 years. But they are no longer exceedingly rare: 9 of the fatalities have occurred since 1989. And there are going to be more. I had a terrifying encounter with one in 2003, and haven’t Read more

I just appreciate that — as I had hoped — the sepia tones of Gruden’s picture become darker as the season has progressed. Eventually, all we’ll see is a pirate’s death mask and a smoked-orange smudge Read more

He’ll wind up a Golden State Warrior. I’m not sure how, but he will Read more

Not only that: he wasn’t celebrating. He was just making sure the ball crossed the plane (and then he did the horns down). I watched the td pass a million times and realized that his “weird hop” was him recognizing he didn’t have time to set his feet. So he fired an all-arm pass 48 yards into a six-inch window. Read more

Huh! I was there the previous fall (2000) visiting Austin Murphy, who of course wrote the sacred text for all Johnnies: “The Sweet Season.” Great book, and I got to meet Gagliardi, who was old AF already then Read more

Say that in 2019 he goes something like 12-6 with a 3.22 ERA, bats 280/20/90 in 350 ABs. What does his WAR look like and does he break the equation entirely? Read more

It’s considered bad form, in that he’s showing up the pitcher. Demonstrative conduct like that is saying to the world, “Man, I JUST missed that and I basically could have gone yard against this puke.” Basically, he’s disrespecting the Giants pitcher, so Huntley -- as most catchers would and should -- told him to STFU Read more

All I want is for Huntley to thump Puig Read more

Can we check in with Iris a couple times a month once the season kicks off? Maybe a live thread with Iris commentary of a Warriors game? It’s entrancing. Read more

Oh get the fuck out of here with that dumb shit Read more