Colleges in California are already prohibited from competing for NCAA championships, because they are in the weak ass Pac-12 Conference. Read more

Not a singular moment, but rather years of playing football (and to a lesser extent baseball) with extremely noticeable, terminal swampass. Just a giant circle of wetness from my crack to my taint whenever I broke a sweat, accentuated by our bright red football pants. I became so well known for it my nickname was Read more

Found my dad’s burner account... Read more

It was nice of the Bills to give him a try. It was also nice of the Colts to give him a try.  Read more

For reference, I checked his Wiki page and he played for the national team in England, which is kind of an achievement, as competitive as doing so in soccer maybe. Comparatively, a lot of the kickers from Australia who’ve cropped up in the NCAA and NFL recently are just that, high-level athletes who are good players Read more

That is 100% the QB’s fault.
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Britain in the NFL > the NFL in Britain Read more

This must be fake news. I mean, he’s Mexican, and according to our President, he must then be a rapist or a drug dealer or something, and everyone knows those guys don’t have time for physics equations.
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I’ve gotten hooked on rugby sevens, myself. The pace of play is excellent. Read more

I love how the default tackling attempt in the 70s was to try to rip the ball carrier’s head off his body. Having played men’s club for a long time, I’m glad that is no longer legal. Read more

One of my all time favorite sports moments. Read more

I submit to you that the actual greatest try ever didn’t even come in a rugby match, and ended with the Stanford band on the field. Read more

Presidential candidate NFL coaching equivalents: Read more

It’s extremely rare that a cyclist puts anyone in danger by not being “experienced in driving in traffic.” It’s even more rare that a cyclist would put anyone besides themselves in danger by doing so. On the other hand, car drivers are piloting around several tons of metal at very high speeds, so when they fuck up Read more

yes, there’s very fine people on both sides Read more

I know a ballroom dancer who does this. Backwards, in heels.  Read more

Last year’s loss was excruciating but excusable. They were missing Chris Paul and it was possible to look at 0-27 as some cosmic anomaly. Sometimes, sports is cruel. Read more

Now do Johnny Manziel on ibogaine, in the style of Hunter S. Thompson. Read more

If the drummers were pervy and/or deceptive douchbags, then yes, the comparison is apt. Read more