Jun 22 2017

A boat’s a boat, but a mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat!

May 5 2017

As someone who gave living in West Virginia a try (I’m originally from California, lived in WV for about two years, then moved back to CA) there were some good points to this article, but I think you really underplay the role of racism/sexism in Donald Trump’s election there. When I was living in WV, I routinely heard Read more

Apr 25 2017

He just has to whip himself into shape and make sure his ego doesn’t get bruised if he doesn’t get a majority of the carries. Maybe branch out to accommodate different facets of the offense, you know, switch it up.

Mar 28 2017

Apply with both hands, but in a really weird way that creates almost no rotation.

Mar 26 2017

Instead of just punching it in, he decided to go with the “fuck the poor EVEN HARDER” fade route at the last second and the ball was intercepted.

Feb 22 2017

I guarantee this dog will be wearing a patriots jersey next year and lining up in the slot.

Jan 17 2017

When the Browns were 0-3 I saw the possibility of a winless season and starting betting on them to lose. Over a three month period, my initial investment of $300 had grown to $304.61 before that crushing Week 16 victory against the Chargers left me penniless.

Jan 9 2017

While he’s taking a bow his editor may give him a stern talking to.