5/06/17 12:12AM

Born and raised in N Central WV. Growing up, my best friend’s dad owned his own little mine. He hated union guys, and echoed the local sentiment that they were a drain on profits, bad workers, “mamby pamby,” etc. “Union” has been a 4-letter word for decades in WV, and economic deprivation the norm forever. Read more

4/06/17 11:09PM

Agree, but Trump and his non-existent executive branch are simple, cruel, world-class clowns. The world is a big game of Risk for them, unmoored from any actual consequences. I wouldn’t trust them to navigate the complex political intricacies of training a dog to sit, much less the opening move in the Next Great Read more

2/10/17 4:37PM

I’m sick, but should I power through and finally go see the new Star Wars with the wife or no?

1/26/17 12:12PM

When the nuclear holocaust happens, I hope it strikes the Doomsday Clock people first, giving me at least a few seconds to 1)appreciate the irony, and Read more

1/26/17 12:02PM

The Doomsday Clock is a great, succinct illustration of real-world threats. It’s also the corniest thing on planet earth

1/18/17 11:07PM

Is there some kind of clip art for school district mascots? Honest question. This h.s. team’s is identical to my WV middle school, and I assume they’re not the same, as there are three black ppl in WV, and probably more than three in this video

1/18/17 7:29PM

Larry Walker, man. Remember when he and Tony Gwynn were both chasing .400? Shit, he was awesome. Better than a lot of the guys who outvoted him

1/03/17 6:51PM

My high school principal was a retired Army Col., complete with self-important, deeeeep in the closet sort of baggage. The man was a cunt for lots of reasons, and literally everyone hated him—faculty, staff, students, assistant principals—everyone. Senior year I was editor-in-chief of the fairly good h.s. newspaper Read more

12/26/16 11:27PM

What do you think Berman smells like? Like, his natural odor. Some combo of bandaid and corn chips?

12/15/16 11:01AM

As though resultant psychological problems would be any justification whatsoever for limiting abortions. All kinds of shit that causes trauma is perfectly legal: war, football, The Big Bang Theory, NOT getting a needed abortion

12/11/16 8:16PM

Pacman Jones was born in 1983, so—contrary to popular belief—he is not actually 45 years old

12/04/16 1:53AM

Bu-bu-but Kant shreds the ontological argument in the Critique of Pure Reason, only to build a case for God from (and for) practical reason in later works, esp Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and the lesser known Religion within the Boundaries of Reason Alone Read more

11/29/16 11:04AM

As though increased automation and labor outsourcing isn’t already the primary driver of industry. As automation increases profit margins, there is more $ to be distributed among the remaining laborers, not less. It’s entirely reasonable that workers organize to demand a share of it, rather than the money flowing up Read more