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11:42 AM

Hi there very real and legitimate Sanders supporter with an account created an hour ago. Thanks for your contribution 

1:56 PM

It’s interesting that “Biden” hasn’t even appeared in your comments yet, because most of your concerns seem to fit his message so well. Yet you—and the vast majority of those like you in NH—went with someone whose standing with people of color is often literally within the margin of error of nothing Read more

10:45 AM

The people who are going to be loudly all torn up about how the lefties are forcing them to vote for Bloomberg even though they just hate it are going to be something

5:39 PM

At least in the popular press, I think a lot of European onlookers seem to have a better, more nuanced understanding of this, due in large part to their proximity to right-wing nationalism, seemingly without regard to political or cultural specifics. You just can’t look at places like the UK, France, Sweden, Italy, Read more

10:08 PM

This is a weirdly offputting and dismissive way to go about this. Like parody levels of white ladying across the comments kind of stuff, to the point of reading more like disingenous trolling than anything else.

7:14 PM

As an individual datapoint it might be, but as further evidence of an existing trend it seems meaningful, especially in reference to Nevada.

6:13 PM

Between Bernie running away with the nonwhite vote and Biden getting fucking rinsed everywhere it looks like Joe is gonna have some rough weeks ahead. Just hate to see it!

12:39 PM

It’s hard not to look at this article as another to add to the “Bad Takes” pile when the central focus is that this pushback had a racial component, when you know for a fact that if Bernie or #MayorCheat had pulled this, it would have been just as bad... Read more

10:10 AM

I recently also decided to watch Schitt’s Creek, but I couldn’t possibly tell you what service it was on without at least 10 minutes of searching or googling...That said, I did appreciate that it was a device that solved an actual problem I have. Personally, I hate navigating through smart TV apps or typing out show Read more

9:58 PM

That’s interesting. I’m pretty certain my server runs beta updates, but I think the Apple TV is just the standard app. Tbh I didn’t even know there was a beta. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the info

4:56 PM

Infuse is an app for the Apple ecosystem that, basically, allows you to direct play just about any video file you can get your hands on from your Plex server. As a result, the server never transcodes, so the file plays flawlessly (assuming your A/V setup can handle it). I have ripped 4K disks and streamed them from my Read more

3:40 PM

I haven’t tried a Shield, but between our Apple TV and Roku Ultra the Apple TV wins easily. The interface is better, the internals are better, and the search function is actually useful. Plus with the Infuse app my Plex server never transcodes, so everything I play looks and sounds phenomenal. The only thing I enjoy Read more

3:59 PM

I honestly think Pelaton-husband is the target audience. Like the whole thing is mid-level MBA bro aspiration porn: “Give your smoke wife a Pelaton, she tightens that shit up, and then thanks you for it a year later. BALLER MOVE.”