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9:31 PM

Lizzo needs to understand when something like that is appropriate-like at a beach or an MTV Awards show or at a fashion awards show where people expect to see an exposed rear end. Your examples of other people showing their buns are pointedly not at basketball games. Incidentally, people very much talked about those Read more

5:12 PM

As I said, I’m talking about the Clintons’ behavior during the campaign in 2008—not when Hillary served as part of his administration. Do you remember Bill comparing Obama’s victory in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s victory there in 1984 and 1988? How about Clinton campaign surrogate Geraldine Ferraro saying that Read more

3:49 PM

“A photo of somebody as they pass by your house might not on its own tell you too much. But when you’re connecting an entire system that can, eventually, map people as they move around a neighborhood, it gives you a pretty intimate sense of where they live, where they work, and where they go to school,” he said. Read more

5:29 PM

Whoa...Yes! Haven’t heard this take, and it makes sense. And this target audience will definitely enjoy the outrage. Read more

11:37 AM

Yeah, I found Pelaton-husband relevant only because, either intentionally or unintentionally, the director made Pelaton-husband the most aspirational part of the aspirational advertisement. Read more

6:57 PM

Even though her campaign is now four years past, Hilary Clinton can’t seem to move on from the belief that Bernie Sanders “stole” the election from her”

12:14 PM

...Alright, typically I don’t comment on Giz, but I feel like this comment section is missing like...several points about why buying a Ring camera isn’t worth it if you think you’re improving your “security”. Chief among those being; Read more

11:38 AM

I am seriously taken aback by all the comments that minimize the alarm that we should all feel as a result of these serious encroachments on our privacy. By way of background not only am I am a prosecutor, but I’ve also recently had an iPhone (along with about $15 worth of change) stolen from my car, which was parked Read more

3:28 PM

Sure would love to hear Diana Moskovitz’s take on this development but Spanfeller is a fucking piece of shit. 

11:41 PM

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger, other than in self-defense and that rarely ever occurs. Read more

9:02 AM

a studio executive once suggested Julia Roberts (THE Julia Roberts) could play Harriet Tubman (THE Harriet Tubman)...

3:06 PM

I was particularly disturbed by Dessen’s tweets about how this one young woman’s opinion was ‘mean and cruel’ and had ruined her day. It seems this 50 year old woman has less emotional maturity than the 15 year old kids she writes about.

9:52 AM

I just can’t agree with a lot of your review. While this is an issue South Park maybe should have avoided, I ended up thinking they did a relatively enlightened job based on how I watched the episode. This is going to be TL:DR post, but what the hell: Read more

6:14 PM

There’s a lot of White Feminism TM going on in there about “I experience 1 form of oppression, therefore EVERYTHING I DO IS OPPRESSED” as well as some serious Choice Feminism, i.e. “I demand that because I am a woman and I chose to read this that I be considered an empowered feminist because I made a choice”.

12:30 PM

I appreciate this review. I read Hartley’s recent Harper’s piece (that is excerpted from her book and acting as an ad for it) and was pretty unimpressed with how unthoroughly it seems she has grappled with issues of gender, socialization, labour, and feminist theory as a whole. Read more