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11:44 AM

How funny that Lis Smith spent Sunday and Monday confidently dunking on journalists who helped spread the ultimately debunked speculation that she was operating a sock puppet account of a Nigerian Buttigieg supporter (to be clear, the journalists who spread that bullshit should be ashamed of themselves), without Read more

9:37 AM

Warren was a good candidate, but she lacked the organization and the grass roots that Sanders has. Oh and attacking Sanders for a tiny fraction of people who cannot be verified as actual supporters, and whose behavior cannot be controlled is ridiculous. That vast majority of Sander supporters are women and people of

9:35 AM

“There was only one problem: People on the internet were absolutely convinced Bernie’s army fought everyone, even though it was really just a small minority of them. In those days, internet people didn’t realize that they weren’t the majority, and journalists went along with it because pretending whatever was on Read more

6:55 PM

Shes flatlining because New Hampshire was built for her to do well (it’s full of affluent white people which are her base), and she fucking fell fat on her face, losing her lane to Sanders and Klobuchar entirely.  Read more

5:37 PM

This is what drives me fucking insane as a trans woman. Because on the one side, you have a ton of cis people saying things that are just blatantly incorrect because they don’t understand just how much HRT changes your body, especially if you start young. To give you an idea, I started at 19 and the movement of my Read more

5:13 PM

Are we going to pretend that the power of money to buy a shit-ton of ads has nothing to do with fucking Bloomberg’s rise? Because let’s be real, that’s what this motherfucker is doing, buying the election. Read more

5:06 PM

I say this as someone who is a trans reader and longtime commenter here: this article does not really help to advocate for trans issues. The idea of “variation exists, therefore it’s fine” does not adequately address this issue. A better set of arguments is: Read more

4:22 PM

Even while I was hesitating clicking on the article in the first, I still ended up being utterly baffled by the really twisted logic here. And before anything else, I still have not seen a definite or, to be honest, even indicative research on what is the benefit, if any, of transathletes have in their sports, Read more

12:56 PM

It’s a perplexing leap between candidates with drastically different policy proposals, and little more in common than gender and party affiliation. White women in New Hampshire abandoned a progressive candidate who has advocated for free public college, medicare-for-all, and the end of cash bail for a moderate who Read more

9:56 AM

Whew lawd I knew the comments would be good, lololol. Lawd the hand-wringing here is really somethin’ special.

5:38 PM

The way that CNN and their correspondents or talking heads or whatever the fuck you call them have responded to this story has really helped turn me full conspiracy theorist. Like the woman on CNN earlier, who talked about Benjamin Dixon (the guy who brought this audio to Twitter’s attention) by basically saying “he’s Read more

6:46 PM

So in doubling down in this idiocy that Bloomberg, who is attempting to literally buy his way into a nomination, is not an oligarch you not only return this motherfucker to the top ten but you put him at the top 3? Read more

6:13 PM

For a variety of reasons, I do not think what is happening in Iowa is not a conspiracy, and a vocal segment of Sanders supporters are uniquely prone to believing absurd conspiracy theories. BUT, the events of the past few days are tailor made for conspiracy, and it’s easy to see how Sanders supporters see one here. Read more

5:03 PM

I said this before this started and I’ll say it again now. If Impeachment increases the chances of him being defeated in 2020 it was a smart move if it decreases the chance of him being defeated in 2020 its a stupid move. As its November 2020 that matters, today was never going to have a different outcome. Right now, Read more

11:03 AM

Three or four months ago, I couldn’t have told you, between Biden and Buttigieg, who I wanted least. Now, it is clear. If it comes down to Biden and Buttigieg, I would donate to Biden, phone bank for Biden, plaster my car with Biden bumper stickers, anything to prevent Buttigieg from being the nominee. He is such a Read more

11:16 AM

It feels wild to have some hope but here I am, tearing up and having hope. The idea of everyone in my family being insured, the disability rights plan...fuck I did not want to be this invested because the disappointment is so soul crushing. Read more