Larry, You Stacey?
Sep 25 2019

The all-purpose handyman was never given a real chance to find his stride and fix what was wrong with the Niners, as he was replaced in 2016 by Chip Kelly, who was much worse.

Sep 16 2019

I don’t think this article is arguing one way or the other. The takeaway that I had is the entire discussion around this matter is seen almost exclusively through the male gaze, which shapes the discussion and decisions that follow.

Sep 16 2019

I struggle with calling Nassar a #metoo moment, but every argument against it I run through seems to fail. So, maybe you’re right?

Sep 16 2019

Seems like the Nassar atrocities would contradict that even more so than the two examples you gave, no? Read more

Sep 9 2019

I wish we could punish fans like these, but they are already Browns fans.

Aug 28 2019

The leap you’re making to assume she can make in-game field goals at the rate of the 32nd-best kicker in the NFL is simply enormous. Fuck dude, that would rule if she could Kathy Ireland that ball. I’d like to see it actually happen one time before decrying the NFL as anti-woman for not employing a kicker. (There’s Read more

Aug 24 2019

He Hate Me is the only one of these self made nicknames that ever worked. And that’s not even the same sport 

Aug 14 2019

Honestly wish I’d paid better attention to that song as a kid, I always got the “liberals are kind of full of shit” bit, and I’m sure that was vital to my becoming a radical, but the details are some serious foreshadowing for later disillusionment I could have probably avoided requiring

Aug 13 2019

It’s funny how people support something from afar until it affects them, because your anecdote reminded me of when BLM marches and protests  shut down BART et al at various times, and I heard a fair share of "Why can't they protest somewhere else? Don't they realize how many people they're upsetting?!"

Aug 1 2019

Reds fan here. Cleveland did marvelously. The Reds needed relief pitching very, very badly and instead got a walking migraine of a starter who’s never pitched 200 innings in a season and has won more than 12 games precisely once (on what have been good Cleveland teams). For 15 months of this privilege, we dumped the Read more

Jul 31 2019

I agree with all of this, as a fellow tribe fan. While Bauer’s talented, he’s also got a caustic personality that just grates on you. I was home last week and the sports radio guys were talking about him in such glowing terms and saying how beloved he is/was in the clubhouse and...I’m just not sure that’s the case. Read more