Larry, You Stacey?
4:40 PM

I really thought this article was going somewhere it didn’t. Posing the question: “what’s in it for Okeke?” is a good place to start that leads me to a different belief. What’s stopping the Magic from paying the guy under the table, say, half the rookie salary, so that they save cap space, get another year out of him, Read more

9:23 PM

I remember the first and only Gladwell book I read that came HIGHLY recommended – outliers. The 10,000 hours chapter is still capable of making me guffaw to this day – “you would THINK the most talented people are the ones who come out on top, but it turns out that’s not always true!!!!” Read more

1:55 PM

So I just looked this up and you’re not wrong, but the initial allegations (written about in 2016) caught aflame after over 150 females came forward, riding the MeToo wave, if you will, and that’s when things started moving quickly 

8:44 AM

On the one hand, you’re absolutely correct. On the other hand, be careful what you wish for. As we’ve seen with these PI reviews, things can get taken to the extreme. I’m not looking forward to watching every loosey goosey play that MIGHT be a fumble be played out until people are celebrating in the end zone and Read more

5:29 PM

Ah, it’s better this way. It’s like Friday Night Lights. So much more emotional when they lose. 

2:42 PM

The football coaching hegemony reminds me of the corporate world with CEOs in the way it’s just a bunch of white men failing upward. What is the best defense this guy has ever coached?! And owners are still willing to take a chance on the BountyGate guy who is mediocre at best over a young coach who might actually Read more

4:48 PM

Do you think German soccer fans are confused when an American makes it on to one of their teams and is good? Is it kind of like when you find out Max Kepler is from Germany and you’re like, whoa, no way. Didn’t know they do that over there... 

1:21 PM

Sure, fair. My point is the same as many people have made above. It is absolutely the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard to assume someone who has never kicked a field goal in a game would “probably” be better than NFL kickers. I’m not saying she shouldn’t get a look in camp if that’s something a team wants to do. I’m Read more

7:15 PM

Couldn’t agree more, I was shocked at the way they handled that last season, “buying” by trading for spare, awful parts when everyone was about to leave the team via free agency. Very strange.

10:23 AM

Yeah, it’s a fair question. I’m a Cleveland fan. For them to have been good for exactly two years in my entire lifetime and win two pennants and a World Series is such an affront to my existence that I hate them. It’s completely irrational and unfair, which is also known as being a sports fan. Read more

6:30 PM

I actually kind’ve liked a few of the teams’ looks, including the Royals (who I irrationally hate, btw, so this was a big step for me). Read more

9:55 AM

Yeah, this is probably the wrong forum for this, but Phil Ochs has a pretty epic song called “Love Me, I’m A Liberal” and one of the opening spoken lines is, “10 degrees left of center in good times, and 10 degrees right of center when it affects them personally.” Always stuck with me, like the song or not. 

6:50 PM

I was recently faced with a (very good) employee of mine wanting to take a paycut and a step down in terms of position to work for another company and she kept throwing out there that, “yeah, it’s less money, but they have a 401K and everything” and I was like PLEASE let me see the language regarding this “401K.” And Read more