ms. chananderler bong
5/30/21 4:46PM

But imagine if more players start to boycott the press conferences. That’s something that those organizations don’t want either. And it’s not only Roland Garros. She’s also been contacted by Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Imagine if she does the same there. But yeah, millionaires vs millionaires. Time to Read more

11/01/16 12:29PM

I hear what you’re saying! Sorry about all the stupid commenters piling on you.

11/01/16 12:14PM

GROSS!!! WTF?! That’s not funny at all.

11/01/16 12:06PM

I had a blast being “sexy” Kim Davis last year! (Plz note white industrial bra under pink corduroy jumper, and “NOPE” stamp.) I love undermining the whole “sexy” thing. Next up: sexy dogcatcher!

11/01/16 11:53AM

I am very sorry for the idiotic, contrarian responses you are receiving.

11/01/16 11:07AM

I am particularly proud of an outfit I created a few years back: a Blood Mary. I bought a Virgin Mary costume and doused it in blood and sriracha (for the scent) and made a crucifix out of celery. I tried to get my friends to go as other takes on cocktails, but they weren’t having it.

10/31/16 10:29PM

Brow game isn’t terrible unless used to degrade. It was a notable feature of hers, not racially bound.

10/31/16 4:45PM

LOL no I’m not saying they don’t exist, I’m questioning why you didn’t ask if I was Mexican, you asked if I was chicana, which would seem to imply that you think chicano culture dictates what is Mexican, rather than, you know, people who actually live in Mexico. Chicano only refers to Mexican Americans, and not to Read more

10/30/16 9:42PM

It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that several Latin American things among the multiple cultures have colonial roots. Read more

10/29/16 2:14PM

I mean, if you want to look at it that way, parents who send their children to catholic schools or allow their sons to serve as altar boys should be prosecuted when their kids are molested by priests.

10/11/16 12:20AM

He’s still a huge creep but now he’s got “celebrity” friends so he’s learned how to be a little more insuffrable with his sense of importance. I don’t know how anyone could think he’s fun to know. And his friendships always seem so random, like Trent Reznor and his wife.

10/05/16 8:57PM

Listen Ray-J, she dumped you and I’m sorry. I’m sorry your reality show was a flop and your sister isn’t as well liked. But you need to let this breakup go boo boo.

10/04/16 1:34PM

Okay, what’s the meaningful difference? On Hamilton’s logic, it’s newsworthy if I, the reporter, decide it’s newsworthy. And as evinced by the OP, there is clearly a segment of the public that wants to know the information. Finally, how can we know that Hamilton is not hiding anything relevant to his work unless we Read more

10/04/16 1:21PM

Yeah, HamNo has not offered a convincing reason (if any) why revealing Ferrrante’s identity is in the public’s interest. His answer amounts to, “because we can”.

10/04/16 1:01PM

Financial records and real estate holdings may indeed be public knowledge but this doesn’t you should go scavenging through them in the name of ‘journalism’. Exposing someone’s alter ego or pseudonym just do to so isn’t journalism - it’s borderline stalking. If the best argument you have for exposing people who have Read more

10/04/16 12:59PM

while i find the overall proposition this piece enticing from a logical standpoint, i find the argument that supports it entirely lacking.

yes, the point of journalism is to convey truth and true things to the public - that is what makes journalism a civic pursuit, and an admirable one. however, there’s a big Read more

10/04/16 12:56PM

Cool, you’re in the public domain, let’s all publish everything about Mr. Nolan...Phone numbers, taxes, income statements, address, everything! Anyone know anything, post it here!