ms. chananderler bong
9/16/15 10:08PM

It’s quite hard to know what to say when someone uses that self descriptor but I’m sure you are more beautiful than you think. hugs.

9/16/15 9:51PM

I’m glad it works for you. It must be hard but at least you’re communicating which as you say could make you stronger in the long run.

9/16/15 2:36PM

perhaps that would have been a better way for me to phrase it. but I know I’d be devastated hearing a partner talk about how attractive a woman on the TV is and knowing that there is nothing about my face or body that he finds appealing? but ye it’d be worseif it were a neighbor or someone irl

9/16/15 2:31PM

Oh wow. that’s a lot of stuff to unpack. For me, personally, I couldn’t continue a relationship with someone who told me that he just didn’t find me attractive and wanted me to work on myself to be more attractive. like you knew what you were getting into when we got together, mister. (Within reason) :( I’d need to Read more

9/16/15 2:28PM

I know what you mean but for me, it’s like, I could find someone who values everything about me - including my looks. and I’d rather be with someone who liked everything rather than feeling grateful for their attention, y'know?

9/16/15 1:53PM

like i dunno i would be super sad all the time i think. Like yey you like my brain, but i’m what, physically repulsive? :(:(:(

9/14/15 12:13AM

that doesn’t surprise me he seems like an absolute sweetheart! and me too! give a shout out to jez if you ever get on so we know it’s you😊

9/13/15 10:27PM

me too 😊 I particularly love when matt le blanc shows up. I have such a soft spot for him!