I will never stop enjoying the Black Adam trainwreck his massive ego caused. I’ve also been enjoying this low-key goodwill tour he’s been doing, showing up on awards shows and such being the charming man we remember. He’s faking it, but that’s part of why I’m enjoying it.
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That wouldn’t have made a difference because the people who actually trekked out to see Black Adam are the same people who would have trekked out to see Shazam. I saw Black Adam on Max and if I saw that end credit, it would still not have made me go see Shazam (except on Max). But...if Cavill was coming back, I would Read more

You know what, I’m changing my stance on Johnson’s Black Adam antics. Read more

More or less, yes, but I think it is a question of degree. You say it is “ probably not as good as Shazam 1" and I am saying it is a bad movie that does not compete with Shazam 1, which I consider an actually good movie. Read more

And he was making those kind of notes to a studio that leans into them anyway. Read more

There’s plenty they could have done with Adam that didn’t involve him beating the shit out of Billy and his family. The problem is his movie made no effort to give him that level of restraint and expected us to applaud him for it. Read more

because you don’t really want Shazam or Black Adam to lose Read more

Finally sat down to watch this, and...yeah...I don’t know much about Black Adam as a character but the movie screamed “The Rock wanted to look cool...” Read more

Again I know I’m in the minority, but I absoluteltly HATE the idea of these solo villain movies, whether its Venom and Morbius on the Marvel side or Joker and Black Adam on DC’s side. Read more

It’s no where near as good as Shazam 1. Read more

Yeah, everything about Black Adam screamed ego-trip. DC bungled everything they could have done with Shazam. They didn’t realize it would be the hit that it was and had no plans to do much with it. Read more

I would say the ego of denying the cameos is what did Black Adam in. It seems like there was a lot of bickering in the background, so I bet most of the writers just did what the Rock asked and didn’t even bother trying to argue for improvements as they watched him yell at studio executives. Not that WBs has shown Read more

I think, and I made a version of this comment on AVC, it would have been much better for all involved if Black Adam had been the heavy in a sequel to Shazam. It was teed up in the first film and all that. But Dwayne Johnson and his ego intervened. Read more

It should also be thrown out there: The Shazam family (or just The Big Cheese) showing up at the end of Black Adam would be more narratively interesting than Superman showing up.

Superman showing up suggests a film with two superdudes hitting each other. Shazam showing up makes Black Adam have to confront the nature of Read more

Yea, he basically made it worse for himself.  A cameo in Shazam would have piqued interest in his movie, then lead into Shazam vs Adam, with a Superman cameo in the 3rd act.  It would have worked better if WB had smarter people... Read more

Kite Man, mainly because he’s DC.
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Elon Musk, a man who’s skin is so thin, you can see his internal organs. Read more

“This is ridiculous,” Musk said, as reported by the Platformer newsletter. “I have more than 100 million followers, and I’m only getting tens of thousands of impressions.” Read more

I can’t believe so many responses to that tweet are still up his ass. Like, it’s obvious his remaining engineers just tinkered with the code to front load all of Elon’s tweets on the feed after he fired the dude who diplomatically suggested maybe Elon’s popularity was temporarily ebbing. Read more