labeled: crazy aunt kanye
Dec 19 2017

Had to search out Chritter’s Project Breadway bagel post... And spent a few hours teared up reading all y’all’s

Aug 2 2015
Contentious Post Went Poof

Because ain’t nobody got time for that. So, I’m thinking about fried chicken (instead of originally planned jerk

Jul 31 2015
Hair, LOVE

This is the color I used, 8RG, Rose Gold Blonde and I hope it’s not a special edition because I’m loving it! Let me

Jul 16 2015

Tay may be in her zone, but, conveniently, for one moment, just as she passed over Jia’s head (which was alternately

Jun 25 2015
Back from vacation. :)

As expected, it was an utter shitshow, and THANKS Tropical Storm Bill for blowing up out of fucking nowhere and a)

May 27 2015

But first, because it will always be awesome, this spacer gif for slight TW stuff related to drinking and weight