11:52 PM

I am a Nintendo fan and I love Zelda, but I have not bought the Switch yet. $350 to play a game is a bit much, and I don’t do consoles much anymore, and I keep worrying that I have waited too long and a new console will come out soon. Read more

11:17 PM

Hmmm. What are sci-fi novels with erotic scenes, and where is the line between a sci-fi novel with erotic moments, and Harlequin romance set in space (all sex, no plot)?
PS. erotic sci-fi will probably have tentacles, slimy throbbing penetrating tenticles.

11:30 PM

Windows 7 users will become the antivaxer movement of the digital world.

7:53 AM

Like Mississippi will still be above water in 100 years, let alone a thousand. Edit: Sorry, I was thinking Louisiana.

7:33 PM

It’s a single bottle wine-cooler. If you need to cool a bottle quickly, put it in the freezer with a $3 timer to remind you to take it out before it freezes, or an ice bucket. If you want to keep it cool without freezing, put it in a refrigerator or a $200 thermometric wine-cooler set to the proper drinking Read more

8:52 PM

First, I am White from a very White neighborhood, in a very White city, from a very White state, so that may shape my opinion ( I had to google ‘wigga’), but I liked Orlando Jones’ Mr. Nancy. He is an old god. The old gods are angry and brutal but maybe more honest then the new gods. They take blood sacrifices on an Read more

7:03 AM

I have a USB cord that is effectively data blocked because it came bundled with a cheap device off eBay and they wanted to save money on the wire in the cord.

5:47 PM

On most porn tube sites, what isn’t nonconsensual, is pirated or underage (I know minors can’t consent, you know what I meant). Any site that allows public uploads is an ethical and legal morass (heh heh). I don’t see anyway of cleaning up the tube porn model that doesn’t destroy what they fundamentally are.