You need "igniter pants". Combusts any nasty smell before you catch a wife! Read more

Try 27 seconds for an NA 1999 diesel Nissan serena! I was offered one cheap but just couldn't bring myself to drive something that miserably slow.  Read more

I’d love 155hp but the fuel economy and insurance costs would be ridiculous for the UK and most EU countries.  Read more

Family friend had MAN14C.... on a crappy base model 1986 Ford fiesta in the UK in the late 80s early 90s. Read more

Ah yes the lesser striped Clubman estate. Surely likely to be soon extinct in such a tropical environment. I suspect the specimen catalogued has already met it’s demise due to the dreaded parasitic tin-worm. Read more

It's Freddie Flintoff.  He was a world class cricketer. The original bat and ball game. You know, the one that pre-dates American history? :-) Read more

CP. Call it 5k. There shouldn’t be any rust on anything given those conditions. Everything else is doubtful. Less wishbone rust on my very well used and unloved Mondeo.  Read more

Anything past Watford is Northern.  Read more

We had an allegro estate when I was a child. It was gold but my mother figured it would look better brushed with silver.... Read more

Back in the old world, we manage quite well on that power to weight ratio. Manual ftw. I’d be over the moon to have that Chevy replace my 16 year old 120hp Mondeo. Which managed 5 people and a weeks camping gear on some steep hills. No mountains mind but I'd have to drive pretty far to find something like the Rocky's Read more

Sheldon was a legend. I learnt more from his website than years of fixing and modifying bikes as a child and professional retail bike builder. Read more

Much like the UK. And I'm very glad they do. Or I'd undoubtedly be dead already.  Read more

I dearly wish trump would enter the total perspective vortex. Might just be what we all need to survive.  Read more

I won't be able to sleep until I know what every single switch and guage does. I need it.  Read more

Does that mean you can kill a man and escape justice too? Read more

Being British I refuse to accept any other possibilities.  Read more

What vehicle? My Honda xl650 motorcycle gets about this range. And few people do more than that in a day on 2 wheels. It's really not fun unless you're on a track doing 150mph+ Read more