It’s only “painfully slow” by American standards. This is a global platform and in the rest of the world, where fuel economy matters, 155hp is respectable. The base model everywhere else is a 2 liter hybrid which produces 120hp.
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What kind of Jalop question is this? Read more

I think Hamilton said it best that now is not the right time for him to protest an issue in America when his voice won’t really be heard by those who need to hear it. I think the most powerful message he can send is to keep winning. By tying Schumacher in titles and besting him in wins this season it’s a more Read more

Can’t remember too many celebrity passings that make me audibly say “NO” when I hear about it, but this one definitely cleared that bar by a mile. So many wonderful memories watching the build team with my dad after school just about every day... thanks, and rest easy. Read more

The anxiety this sort of shit causes me is something I’ve never experienced before. I mean, I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life, but this absolute confirmation that I’m surrounded by fucking idiots and led by someone who would gladly kill literally everyone in the country if he thought it made him look good... it’s Read more

Dr. Fauci was Kung Flu fighting, Read more

Just a quick sketch

NASCAR is the bloated street whore of racing for money. There is no trick she would turn down for money. Yet, she toddled around town on ol’ timey 15" rims forever. I’m sure rim manufacturers must have been offering her whore-ass big bucks for the business equivalent of unprotected anal sex for years. “drop the lug Read more

Sheldon Brown’s website probably has a solution for you buried deep in it, Raphael. Read more

Bingo! They are trying to Un-Obama American. Read more

I want to build a hot rod out of a Triumph Super Seven with a Triumph Rocket Three motor.

Yeah, racecars are generally designed for drivers that weigh 120 lbs. soaking wet. I’m 5'3" and I bet this thing’s barely taller than my waist.
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And he managed to find a way to break a GL engine. :-(
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“deserved a better fate than a bad Mad Max trike”.

I don’t know about that; I know humans who deserve less.  Read more

I think the New York City ethos had a LOT to do with Ghostbusters’ success. Read more

No way, that’s a Toyota Celica RA22 with a Ford nose crafted on it! ;)
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..and your last car????????????

It’s a recursive crackpipe. Like, if you look with a magnifying glass, it’s made up of thousands of smaller crackpipes, each of which in turn consists of millions of even smaller crackpipes and so on. Read more