Kragen O'Reilly of the Autozone
Feb 11

Good to have confirmation I suppose. Also, kinda hypocritical considering we just caught doing the same sort of shit but in a different way. C’est la vie.

Dec 17

AMC would raze the earth itself to clear more room for Walking Dead spin-offs.

Nov 14

Truly, the person who compared this to Larry Nassar’s systematic abuse of girls and women needs to get a hold of themselves. That they thought one very successful woman’s bruised ego was equivalent to the pain caused to tens of women who were sexually assaulted multiple times is incredibly insulting to his victims. 

Nov 14

I was particularly disturbed by Dessen’s tweets about how this one young woman’s opinion was ‘mean and cruel’ and had ruined her day. It seems this 50 year old woman has less emotional maturity than the 15 year old kids she writes about.

Nov 11

Yeah but Mad Men and Breaking Bad BOTH premiered in the 2000's by that logic...Granted it was later than earlier but if we’re arguing technicalities...

Nov 7

That’s what Overwatch 2 is. PvE content. Story missions akin to the anniversary events they do. There will be skill trees, items, and it looks like probably something else to give the levels some replayability. They haven’t released a lot of information yet. I imagine you’ll be able to play singleplayer with bots as Read more

Nov 6

Despite my disdain for these films, I up-voted you because I’m a sucker for Father-Son bonding. I’m glad this film helped you re-find your love of Comics and inspired you to create your own material. 

Nov 5

RIP Deadspin. The desiccated husks of a story being posted a couple a times a day over there are just so, so sad. 

Oct 31

Here’s the thing about seagulls: I get them stealing our food, because we’re on their turf. It would be like someone came strolling into your house with a big bucket of chicken, took off their clothes, laid down in the middle of your living room, and every time you try to address them they just throw stuff at you and Read more

Oct 31

Fly in to burbank. SO SO SO much easier. And you’re probably closer to whatever it is you’re in LA for anyway.

Oct 31

Fuck Jim Spanfeller, Fuck Paul Maidment, fuck their friends, fuck their family, fuck em for closing the comments, fuck em for being fucking greedy cunt assholes who drove my favorite website into the ground, fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything really. Read more

Oct 30

The PS4 never sold at a loss, nor did the PS1. The PS2 definitely did, and I think the PS3 originally did, but I’m not sure. Read more