Aug 16 2017

Remarkably, yesterday was the Mooch’s official start date. Also, even more remarkably, he was fired barely 2 weeks ago, but, in Trump-adjusted terms, it was like 6 years, one nuclear threat, one Venezuelan-war threat and one KKK/Nazi-promotion ago.

Jul 15 2017

The graphic omits —> Are you referring to Beyoncé’s postpartum body? —> YES (apparently)

Jul 15 2017

And there are worse “complements” out there, one joyful day a coworker told me that I had beautiful feet (I was wearing sandals), then he added “I have a foot fetish, I love looking yours” then he complemented with a “today is my wife’s birthday and I do not know what to give to her”.

Jul 5 2017

Putin will bring menstruating women with him into a meeting to scare Trump.

May 5 2017

Give him a break, he looks pretty good for a lard infused bag of crazy with progressive dementia.

Feb 16 2017

I had a group of friends in the late 90s (all black guys—this is relevant) who used to drive every other weekend from Sacramento to fucking Medford, Oregon, to go to an under 21 nightclub (I don’t remember if the minimum age was 18 or 16, but I think 18). When I inquired as to why in the fuck they would drive like 5 Read more

Feb 16 2017

The most logical conclusion to which I arrived is that they recognize that facial recognition is A Thing and that pictures on the Internet never go away, so by hiding their faces they can hopefully prevent embarrassing questions in future job interviews.