Sep 17

I’m the last person to say adults can’t enjoy some entertainment that’s meant for a young audience (for instance I’ve watched the Avatar series several times) but can we all stop pretending that Harry Potter is some sort of masterpiece of literature? The world-building is silly, the characters are mostly 1-dimensional, Read more

Jul 2

I do worry that as a society, we are tending to treat allegations in a manner of “guilty until proven innocent” rather than the way it’s supposed to work. It’s not a perfect system, particularly when it comes to the difficult subject matter of sexual assault, but the presumption of innocence is a fundamental Read more

Jul 1

I loved it precisely because it made me feel like I’d been punched in the gut for 30 hours. Read more

Jul 1

I totally understand not wanting to experience works of media that are grim, bitter, and unhappy, but it kinda bums me out how many people are making the argument that it’s bad because of that. “I don’t want to play something so unhappy” is fine, but “this is bad because it’s so unhappy” is pretty shitty, IMO. Read more

Jun 29

I read the conversation, I think this is more cringey than anything else and she could have also asked him to stop at any times but she didn’t and instead is just waiting for the internet to fight for her. Read more

Jun 27

I disagree with the idea that privileged people can’t have a valid opinion on what’s offensive or not. People from marginalized groups can be wrong too.

Jun 19

He didn't play himself if you actually looking into the history of methodologies surrounding school shootings in the Columbine days the method was to surround the site.  Now the first team on scene goes in to attempt and minimize the loss of life.  That is a result of training a advances in psychology.

Jun 18

The concept that social workers are somehow going to stop hardened criminals when armed police forces barely do, is pretty much a fantasy 

Jun 12

Its interesting how everyone hates when someone is changing to the better, its almost like you want him to continue with his shit? :D

Jun 9

We really like to blame the divine for not more completely restraining all of us. It’s like too many WANT what would amount to the most pervasive authoritarianism ever made. Read more

Jun 1

I watched last night too. I liked it, I’m very impressed what this first time director pull off, but it didn’t really have much plot. It was really a short film dragged around for 90 minutes. It also had an ending akin to the kind of ending you get from short films too.

May 13

The quarantine has gotten my mom talking a lot more about the Tribulation and how everything’s coming to an end soon. It’s so disheartening to hear, and to know that arguments won’t work. I ask, “Why is it more likely that THIS is the End of Days when it wasn’t when the Black Plague killed a third of Europe or when Read more

Jan 16

Alternatively: Dan Slott run on spider-man was a lot of fun and I am excited for this teamup