Feb 26

Man I feel SO sorry for Disney losing some money during a viral epidemic leaving thousands dead. Truly heartbreaking stuff. /

Feb 14

I don’t understand the mindset of people who choose to go to Subway. It is the worst sandwich shop in America. It is more expensive than virtually every other sandwich shop (by weight/cost). The meat, cheese and vegetables are the lowest quality on the market. You can’t even buy meat as low quality as they use at Read more

Dec 17

Hot take: as a business owner, if you arent complaining about the skyrocketing rent, but are closing because you will have to pay your employees a fair wage finally, you arent a great business owner to begin with. If 40K more a year is causing you to close, how successful was your business to begin with. Thats a Read more

Dec 13

The avocado. It was the focal point of so many cultural flash points - generational antipathy against millennials, panics about shortages potentially caused by deportations ad tariffs, using peas as a substitute in guacamole, just to name a few. 

Dec 13

I’m not sure I’ll ever have the nerve to try and make a British meat asteroid, but it certainly sounds delicious.  I love the history, too.

Nov 25

CORRECTION: When discussing the 134-member group AKB48, I forgot to use the line, “In your face, The Polyphonic Spree!” Wiki Wormhole regrets the error.

Nov 21

As some one who has epilepsy, I will say although your concern is appreciated, there is nothing the paramedics can/will do that will change the outcome of the seizure. Please do not call 911, as we really do not need the additional ambulance bills piling up. 

Nov 12

Heh heh heh.  Oh, white dot with blue tail, will you ever find what you’re looking for?

Nov 9

Oh, hopefully nobody tells him about what happened to Deadspin.

Nov 8

Nope. She took a squat right in front of the puzzle, kids slid out, she went back to work.

Nov 5

Rhode Island is indeed the only state without a bison ranch. I guess it’s just too tiny?