May 31

This is cool because I (an average American) attend beer festivals to check out the panels and listen to brewers talk about their process. The copious amounts of beer and free merchandise are really just an added bonus. Read more

May 27

I’m old enough to remember when the Louis CK episode of WTF was considered the best podcast episode ever. Read more

Dec 7

It’s not a legal requirement, it’s just a standard that groups of manufacturers voluntarily agree to hold themselves to in an attempt to avoid further government regulation.

Dec 7

They didn’t tell me to drink responsibly at the end. I guess I’m getting hammered tonight. 

Dec 1

Yes, Disney is risking a scandal to pay for the coveted AV Club support. One B- from this place and your whole franchise is toast.

Nov 23

Meh. Matt Hoffman and Wakeboarding Unleashed were better. The reality is surfing makes one boring ass video game. 

Nov 6

Comments still work here so a reminder that Jim is a fucking herb. 

Nov 5

Yeah I’ve only had it once and it was overcooked, which explains why it wasn’t very good. I’m sure this happens to a lot of folks. I’ll have to try it again when I’m in a state with actual bison (i.e. not Rhode Island)